Things Parents Should Know Before Buying Their Kid Their First Watch

Things Parents Should Know Before Buying Their Kid Their First Watch

by Manish Singh

The wristwatch has never found its way out of fashion. For years, it has always been a part of most people’s everyday outfit. It does not just help determine the exact time of the day, but it also completes the look and adds a pop of style, making anyone stand out from the crowd. But are these watches just mere fashion statements? Or are they much more than that?

Time is very important. It is even considered the most important resource a person can have. Unlike any other resources such as money and possessions, time cannot be exchanged with money and is very limited. Once it has slipped through one’s hand, there is no way to get it back. Given this reason, it is crucial for people to always be careful when spending it.

Unfortunately, not all people can appreciate the time they have. This mindset could lead to improper time management, low efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity, and more resources and opportunities put to waste. If you do not want this to happen to your child, training your kid and teaching them the importance of time early in life is the best thing to do.

Don’t know where to start? You can start by buying them a kids’ watch. Doing so is like unlocking a door of opportunities for your kid to understand the essence of time and how they could have the power to use it to its maximum potential.

Getting Organised and Being Responsible With Time

Knowing the exact time of the day would make it easier for kids to use, value, and budget their time for all the activities that are about to happen for the day. They can even start working on having their to-do-list using their kids’ watch as a guide. This step might seem small for some, but know how effective it will be in developing your child’s mind to become more organised and responsible in the future.

What Is the Best Time to Give Your Kid His/Her First Watch? 

When giving your kid their first watch, finding the perfect time is the most crucial thing to do. Does your kid already know how to read the clock? Is he aware of the concept of time? If you got all these questions answered by a yes, then now is the time to give your little angel the watch he deserves. But when in doubt, you might as well wait until he is already 7 or 8 to be sure.

The Best Watch for Your Kid

You might think that a digital watch is the best one to give your kid. But if you want to look deeper, you will see how the traditional one could be more beneficial than the other. It is indeed easier to read digital clocks than analogue ones. But to have that kind of watch would only remove the excitement of learning basic mathematical concepts, which could be a great learning opportunity for your kid. Encourage your kid to learn and master their time-telling skills. Choose analogue over digital kids’ watch. Once they have already mastered the time-telling skill, that is when you can tell they are ready for the latter.

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