Tips for Making Resume More Memorable

Tips for Making Resume More Memorable

by Bryn Fest

A resume gives job recruiters a summary of your qualifications and experience in their field. When a human resource manager peruses your resume, the information they pick will qualify or disqualify you from the shortlisted candidates.

Many graduates are eyeing the same position as you. Therefore, your resume should display an outstanding professional and interpersonal skill set.

A PDF resume builder helps you craft an impressive CV without stuffing it with unnecessary information. Including all your qualifications and skills on your CV looks good, but customizing it to the job specifications makes it stand out.

Before you send your resume for consideration, check out the following tips that make your resume stand out and secure your chance for an interview.

Customize Your Resume for Your Industry

There is stiff competition among companies in your industry, and human resource managers are looking for employees with unmatched skills and professional training. For example, when applying for a job in the education industry, skills in social work are an added advantage.

When applying for a post, you should customize your curriculum vitae to their needs in addition to professional qualifications. Also, indicate your capability to offer solutions to problems that may arise in your workplace, such as conflict resolution.

A resume PDF maker will help you adjust your CV to match the requirements through the customize resume feature.

To adjust your resume, you need to do the following;

  • Adjust your title to indicate the job title in the heading. For example, if the hiring company advertises for an internal auditor, you should include the job title in your header.
  • Check out the skills the company is looking for and add them to your resume. It is difficult for Human Resource Managers to read every detail in your CV, but adding the skills they are looking for will make your resume rank higher in their search.
  •  Write a summary of your qualifications and remove any irrelevant skills to the advertised job.
  • Make your CV short and precise for easy perusal.

Be Clear and Concise

A clear and concise curriculum vitae is one that only outlines your skills, qualifications, and experiences stated in simple terms. It saves the recruiters time and portrays your skills precisely. Here is a list of things to make your CV clear and concise.

  • Use the correct font size and bold the keywords on your CV. The right font for your resume is 11-12, which the recruiters can review without straining.
  • Your resume should fit in 1-2 pages. If you add irrelevant details, it will be too long, and recruiters only spend a few seconds on every CV. A resume template PDF can help you stick to the necessary details and avoid unnecessary information.
  • Pay attention to crucial information and use the right keywords on the heading, the body, and the summary of your resume PDF file. Doing so will help reviewers quickly glimpse your skills without reading the whole file.
  •  Use the correct spacing and organize your file systematically. Your latest skills and qualifications should appear at the top because they show your capabilities and competency.
  • Avoid filler words and redundancy on your CV because it wastes space and makes your resume longer than required. Remember to remove unnecessary information through the redact text in PDF feature of your editor.

Highlight Hot Skills

In addition to your professional and academic training, recruiting agencies are looking for employees with exceptional skills to boost the company’s productivity. The hot skills to include on your CV as you edit resume online include:

  • Ability to think critically and offer solutions to problems that may arise at work. Over 80% of employers prefer employees with problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication skills. Communicating openly improves workflow and coordination at work. As a result, over 70% of agencies prefer a candidate with excellent communication skills.
  • Collaboration skills. Working with other employees in the organization enhances sharing of ideas and improves efficiency. Companies lookout for staff who can collaborate to improve efficiency.
  • A team worker who can interact, air views, and contribute to the company’s overall success. Team working skills allow you to appreciate the views of other employees and share ideas to solve problems and improve efficiency.

Include Important Keywords

Keywords are the terms to appear in your CV to make it stand out. The keywords you choose for your resume depend on the name of the company hiring, their requirements, and skills that can improve productivity in that field.

An optimized resume should have between 25-30 keywords to rank well when the recruiting manager searches the keywords. In addition, the name of the company you are applying to on your resume outline PDF should appear on the headline. Including the name of the recruiting company in your resume shows that you are interested in working for the company.

The other keywords that should appear in your CV as you customize your resume PDF are the position you are applying for and the key requirements for the post.

You Can Improve Resume in Lumin PDF Editor

Lumin PDF is an online document reader that helps you edit PDF files. It has a resume format PDF template to help you create and customize your CV in no time. To create and modify your resume, you can access the reader from the Lumin website or download their app from the Playstore and Appstore.

The annotation feature in the editor comes in handy when you want to update your CV and customize it. It is accessible from any browser and is supported on multiple devices allowing you to send your job application from anywhere. Furthermore, the automatic syncing capability will save changes as you modify the file through the edit resume PDF feature.

Parting Shot   

Creating and customizing a CV that stands out from your competitors requires creativity and adequate research about your potential employer. Highlighting your academic and professional qualifications is not enough. You have to spice it up with more skills and prove that you have what it takes.

A good PDF reader like Lumin will go a long way in making your editing and customizing work easier.

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