Tips To Make Your Adopted Child Feel Welcomed

Tips To Make Your Adopted Child Feel Welcomed

by Manish Singh

People talk about the difficulties and problems faced by biological and adoptive parents. But there are only a few who discuss the situation that the children are going through as they are one who suffers the most that are argued by the Adoption Attorney Atlanta.

Signs To Know When The Child Is Stressed

A lot of times the parent both birth and adoptive ignore the signs that the child is stressed out by the whole concept of adoption. This is because the child has to leave the parents he/ she has spent their lives and live with people who are stranger.

Socially Isolates Him/ Herself

This can happen before and especially after adoption. Pre-adoption anxiety is more dangerous for the child than post-adoption. They don’t even talk to their birth parents because they are the ones who are giving them up. They don’t talk to the adoptive parents because they have taken the place of their real parents.

Drastic Swings In The Mood

Many times younger children don’t understand the whole situation of adoption and react in different ways. They face mood swings in which one day they are happy or normal but on other days you will see their extreme state of mind.

Decrease In The Educational Grades

All of the mental and emotional stress that they have a very negative effect on their education. It has been seen and told by Adoption Attorney Atlanta in Georgia that the children who are put up for adoption have lost interest in the normal routine of life and it has affected their grades in school.

More Display Of Aggression

Some children can understand the whole process and reasons for the adoption and there is no reaction on their part. But many feel that they have been betrayed by their biological parents so their reaction is full of aggression.

Child Feel Welcomed Tips From Adoption Attorney Atlanta

So, how will you make the child feel welcomed and relaxed in the new home? It is very challenging to handle these children as everything is new to them; not only the house but also the people living in who is going to be the child’s new family.

Allow Them Time To Adjust

Time is the best healer; so the child should be given time to adjust into the house and family. One more thing to focus on is not to get close to the child all at once, but you have to give him/ her space to recognize the place in the family.

Give Them Love And Care

Different adoption lawyers including Tom Tebeau get cases in which the foster parents and even their parents are abusive. The impression of parents in the mind of these children is disturbing. So it will take time, love and care to destroy that image.

Ask Them To Write Daily Diary

To know what the children are experiencing and feeling there is a good way to ask them to write a daily diary. This will have two benefits; one is that it will be a good way to become a good outlet of emotions and the other is that adoptive parents will know.

Therapies For Aggression Outlet

Everyone feels aggressive at one point in life but the right thing to do is have a proper way for the children to take it out. Different therapies can be done at home to control aggression. These include exercises, journal writing, talking and medication.

Have Productive Conversations

Talking about the problems and issues is a very good way to let the aggression of the child out. Discussions will help in finding the solutions for the mental stress of the adopted child. At times people don’t believe what they are facing is real which shatters the confidence of the child.

Do Everything Together

When you feel that the child is starting to adjust in the house and the family; then it is the best time to get the child involved in all activities that the adoptive family does. This will help the child to interact with other family members and begin developing healthy relationships. When the time is right, you may also even consider a possible last name change for your adoptive child—helping them to feel more included in the family.

Know Their Peer Group

Many of the unrealistic fears of adoption and adoptive families is spread by the friends of the adoptive child. You have to know the company the child is keeping and if their peers are a bad influence then keep them away from the child.

Treat Them According To Their Age

A child who is just a toddler has to be given more time to him/ her. This has to be done more often so that the child gets attached to you. But a teenager is one who demands time to adjust in the home and lives of others.

Never Impose Anything On Them

Forcing them to like the house or the people living in it will always result in a catastrophe. In making them quickly adjust to the whole situation can be dangerous for the child as well as the adoptive parents.

Include Them In All Important Decisions

Lastly and the most important point not to forget is to include the children in all important decisions taken in the family. This will make them feel a part of the family according to Adoption Attorney Atlanta.


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