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Tips to Swing Higher Winnings from Online Slots Games

by Manish Singh

Many online slots games offer multiple ways to win. Some offer a bonus round, others award progressive jackpots, and still, others provide random multipliers. But what separates these games from the rest is the chance of winning the largest jackpot. Try these tips for winning big in online slots games by lowering your chances of losing!

Here are some tips to swing higher wins from your online slot game:

1) Play at a lower denomination

Playing at a higher denomination lessens your chances of winning. The higher the value of the money you play with, the more likely you will lose those coins to either a bad card draw or a wild symbol. When you play at lower denominations, your chances of beating your opponent and winning that slot jackpot greatly increase regardless of how many coins you use to start with.

2) Play on paylines

It doesn’t matter how many coins you bet per line when playing or even your bet size. The only factor that will determine the payout is how many lines you have chosen to play. Just playing on paylines provides you with a better chance of winning. However, if you are playing on 100 lines, the same chance of winning seen by one player playing with 10 coins will not be seen by another player using 100 coins to place bets.

3) Don’t play “for luck”

Many people say that their wins are for luck. But chances are, if you don’t have any wins to show for yourself, newsflash… you’re not lucky. Instead of playing in hopes that Lady Luck will smile upon you, play with the confidence in mind that you will win. It is often said that if you don’t believe something, then others won’t either. The chances are that if you don’t think it, others won’t either. It’s a hard truth of human psychology.

4) Play when the slots game is hot

An online slot game can go cold at any time. This means it may be lucky for short periods only before the luck runs out and your winnings start to dwindle. So, try to play when the slots game is hot. Yes, try to find the best time of day to play. But be patient, and give yourself some room for error. If it turns out not to be so hot after all, at least you gave it a

5) Pick a machine with a good history

Maybe you’ve heard of a number of wins in a row going to a certain slot machine. But what’s the truth behind this? The probability of winning on these patterns is so small that it’s unwise even to consider playing them. But what about when your last game doesn’t show any signs of payouts? No problem – just swap machines and try your luck with another slot game! If you know for a fact that there is a certain online slots game in the casino that has been very generous lately, then try your luck at it. If it works, great! If not, keep looking.

6) Pick a machine with better odds

Not all online slots games are the same. Some online slot games have better odds than others. If you don’t believe me, just walk into any online casino and ask anyone how they do at their favorite slot game. Chances are if it’s their favorite, then most likely, they win more than average at that slot game. There are plenty of slot machines out there, and it’s hard to know which one is best for you. So pick a machine with better odds, and the chances of winning will be greater than average.

7) Play slot game of equal or higher denomination

If you like to play the same game over and over again, try gambling on a slot of equal or higher value. This way, you can win more money but also have the possibility of winning a bigger jackpot. That way, when one machine wins, you can take it with you to the next one. Not only will your chances of winning be greater when playing with a higher value, but each time that amount increases, so does your chance of winning when playing the next machine.

8. Play when the odds are in your favor

Before you even start playing, look at the payouts and see what they mean. For example, suppose you see that you can get a 1:1 (regular) or even 1:2 (wild) multiplier for matching symbols. In that case, you know that it is in your best interest to play for this symbol. This way, when you win, you know it was because you made the right decision. This is not to say that these are the only ways to improve your odds of winning. You may be able to improve your odds by choosing a machine with better odds or playing when the game is hot.

9) Play creatively

We’ve all seen videos of people trying to hit a ‘Jackpot Burger’ cherry with a toothpick in the Guts slot. It’s incredible, and it makes you wish you thought of that first. Play creatively and try to hit those tight clusters for huge wins. The game has a lot more depth than it might seem, and there are many opportunities for making huge gains. The game is highly interactive and allows you to build up your characters as they progress through the levels, so

10) Watch out for the “Free Spins” symbol!

The Free Spins symbol is one of the most awesome symbols in online slots games. It gives you a chance to play without having to risk any coins at all, or sometimes it can even multiply your winnings by as much as 20 times! If you see this symbol, make sure you “play it right”. That is, make sure you hit as many free spins as possible during the bonus round. The more free spins you get during the Free Spins round, the more money your winnings will be worth!

11) Don’t play slots games you don’t like!

It’s just that simple. If you find a slot game that you’re not too fond of, don’t waste your time and coins on it by playing it. The number of slots games that are available online is staggering. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of choices. If you’re not sure which game to play, do some research before choosing one. Keep reading on different websites and looking at the payout charts until you find something that works for you.

12) Explore the “tutorial” section of the slot machine

Most slot machines allow you to play and enable you to try out the different symbols and games available to you. This gives players a chance to choose a game based on what they like while still increasing their odds of winning. It’s quite a win-win situation.

Have a friend or two that also enjoy playing these types of games? Why not get together for some friendly competition? Even if it’s just for fun, there is always an upside when playing with others because it makes the stakes higher, which means more money in your pockets! If you’re unsure what is what, find out how many times each symbol can pay off and how much each one pays off for each payout.

Play Now!

The best way to win is to start playing now with any number of coins per line. This may seem counterintuitive but, if the slot machine is just starting up or has not been played recently, the chances are that there will most likely be fewer people playing for higher denominations. This is when you should strike! The above tips will help lower your chances of losing when playing slots games.

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