Top 10 Companies Innovating in Tokenization of Assets

Top 10 Companies Innovating in Tokenization of Assets

by Manish Singh

Asset tokenization is one of the best solutions for tangible or non-tangible assets. Tokenization involves the process of blockchain token issuance that represents manageable assets.

The security tokens are coming through an ICO or STO (security token offering). These security tokens can represent common financial instruments like equities, bonds, and so on. They can also represent intellectual properties (lyrics, songs, authorship, etc.) and tangible assets (artworks, real estate, statues, etc.).

The main perk of tokenization is liquidity, which means lower fees as well as lower risk management. The token economy, as slated by the top software companies, can bring more benefits to the project owners.

If you are up for asset tokenization, there’s a chance that you have come across some different services out there. Now the question is, which companies are the best at offering tokenization services? Before going to the list, you must understand the basics of asset tokenization first.

  1. What Is Asset Tokenization?

Asset tokenization is the process of turning the right of ownership of an asset into a digital token.

Tokens are digital representations of tangible or non-tangible assets.It is recorded on the specific blockchain as a token.

The token represents the value of the specific project, ecosystem, or the sole asset. The value of the tokens is aligned with the underlying assets.

If that is for the physical item tokenization, the asset owners can rest assured that they will reserve the ownership without having to hold or store the real assets in their warehouse. There are different use cases for asset tokenization in various industries. Your niche of business could be ready to embrace asset tokenization 100%.

  1. How Does Asset Tokenization Work?

Let’s say that a physical asset like a house is worth $10,000. Then you could turn them into 10,000 tokens that allow you to sell them on specific exchanges using quality smart contracts.

These tokens can be distributed to several owners. Some could reserve 500 tokens, some could go for 4,000, and so on. Each investor or owner will own a particular share of the assets.

The practice of tokenization can be great for the liquidity aspect. It has been much easier to divide the property rights among some people at once.

Through asset tokenization, it also allows startups and businesses to raise capital by selling their assets partially to retail or group investors.

The tokenization process is a complex and tedious one. The very first thing to do is evaluate the particular asset. If the assets are already common, like gold, silver, gems, etc., the tokenization process is going to be easy. If the asset is not available in the market yet, the process can be more complex than that.

There are several assets that can be tokenized with certain procedures. It is important to work with companies that have extensive experience and a set of skills in the field. Speaking of which, here are the top software companies that you can contact right now to help you out with asset tokenization.


INC4 describes themselves as a team of blockchain experts who are skillful in many relevant fields, including smart contracts, DeFi, decentralized apps, wallets, mining software, and others.

The company has a great stack of technologies, ample resources, and skillful talents who are ready to help you with any kind of asset tokenization cases. From designing to developing, as well as supporting other projects based on blockchain, INC4 has their experts prepared to serve you from zero to hero.

If you are looking for the best way to tokenize your assets on blockchain, INC4 is the company that can help you. INC4 offers a high level of flexibility and creativity. It does not matter whether your assets are already on the market or not; the INC4 staff are ready around the clock to help you with asset tokenization solutions. They will consider your requests, actualizing your ideas into the solid forms of the solutions.

INC4 will dispatch their professionals to get in touch with you. You could contact INC4 now for inquiries, questions, or even a free estimate of your upcoming project.


It is the name of a software company that focuses on a blockchain platform for alternative assets. They can help you with your specific asset tokenization. They can help you to streamline the processes, simplify the investors’ interactions, and guarantee the liquidity of your assets.

Tokeny Solutions

This fintech company has many years of experience and a skill set that not many companies have. Software professionals focus on new approaches to asset tokenization. They don’t want to generalize the solution. Rather, they’re using a holistic approach to propose the solution for your business or project.


AlphaPoint is one of the top-notch software companies in the US. It has hundreds of successful projects that help turn illiquid assets into liquid ones. With the help of the company, the clients are able to launch their projects with maximum profits and lower costs.


PO8 is a tech company that focuses on blockchain and asset tokenization solutions related to marine archeology and investment. Through this company, it is possible to tokenize heritage assets.



Mattererum is a top-notch company that is known for its incredible smart contracts. The company has offered the great benefits of the software, which is aligned with the laws and regulations. If you want to secure your assets without jurisdictional problems, contact Mattereum to help you out.

Parralel Markets

The Parallel Markets have a strong protocol that allows the users to conduct various financial services. Those who participate in the market can reap benefits such as increased liquidity.It clearly disrupts the traditional financial system.


FinFabrik can help users connect their assets with investors to expand the investment possibilities and opportunities. The company is changing the conventional option. From illiquid assets, they can be changed to digital asset-backed securities.


Founded in 2017, the NYC-based company has been contributing a lot to the finance industry 3.0 in the country. Templum Markets is its blockchain-powered marketplace for primary and secondary digital asset trades.They have such innovative asset tokenization.


It is a popular investment platform that focuses on fine art topics. Users can purchase interests in paintings and other forms of art on the platform.


Bitmark is one of the predecessors in the global market. Bitmark offers ownership, licensing, as well as P2P transfers of the digital asset. Any digital assets that you can think of can be handled by Bitmark.

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In principle, now there are software developers for areas of many businesses. Such applications help to automate such business projects and provide an opportunity to interact more effectively with customers.

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