Top 5 Modern Harvesting Machines

Top 5 Modern Harvesting Machines

by Manish Singh

Technology has really transformed the agricultural industry in many ways. Unlike in the past, you now have modern equipment that can make agricultural activities much more productive. As a farmer, it is important to take advantage of these modern technologies to get the most out of your farming.

Some of the most popular types of equipment and machinery include balers, tractors, mowers, sprayers, and planters. These tools and machines are designed for specific farming purposes and it is up to every individual farmer to make the right decision.

Below are the top five modern harvesting machines:

1. Small-scale potato harvester

This is one of the best potato harvesting machines. The machine digs out potatoes from the soil by separating roots from the soil. Although it is mainly used for small-scale farming, it helps in reducing the burden of harvesting potatoes manually. The good thing about this machine is the fact that it works very fast and it is easy to maintain.

When thinking of purchasing a harvesting machine, it is important to consider several factors such as the size of your farm and how frequently you engage in farming. But one can also purchase harvesting machines with the intention of hiring them to farmers.

2. Carrot harvester and separator

This machine functions almost the same as a potato harvester. The main difference is that it digs out carrots with its roots that are often stuck deep inside the soil.

The other advantage of this machine is that it can be used for the large-scale harvesting of carrots. It also works much faster than the potato harvester. According to Hales Trailer, a good carrot harvester should be able to withstand different farming terrains without affecting its functionality.

3. Robotic lettuce harvester

HOOVER XL is considered one of the most powerful harvesting machines. It is ideal for fourth-range producers and does a perfect job in aspirating residues of crop and leaves on the ground. It has four steering wheels together with side-shifting cutting bars. The machine generally makes the work of harvesting lettuce much simple and faster.

4. Automatic cow milking machine

This is another great machine that every dairy farmer needs to check out. It is even more essential for large-scale dairy farmers. Milking more than two or three cows manually is not an easy task and that’s why most people prefer the automatic cow milking machine.

Other than saving you time, an automatic milking machine works much faster and also promotes high levels of hygiene. The machine also increases milk production by a bigger percentage compared to milking cows manually.

5. Automatic in row weeder

Weeding is very important in agriculture. Weeds can greatly affect the growth of crops in the sense that they scramble for the few available nutrients.

An automatic in-row weeder is capable of tearing away weeds without necessarily affecting your crops. Although one can also use pesticides to get rid of weeds, many farmers take issue with the harmful effects that come with them.

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