Top 5 Wedding Planners In Mumbai

Top 5 Wedding Planners In Mumbai

by Bryn Fest

Indians have always been a fan of posh and lavish weddings. Despite the pandemic creating havoc in people’s lives, our fetish for weddings is far from taking a backseat. In fact, we are getting more and more creative with wedding preparations.

You may find yourself in a challenging position to keep up with the demands of professional life and organise a big fat Indian wedding at the same time. Don’t worry, India also has a host of wedding planners who promise to relieve you of your daunting checklists and design a perfect wedding for you. Let us look at the top five wedding planners you can look out for in Mumbai, a financial centre and India’s largest city.

Top 5 Wedding Planners In Mumbai

Wedding preparations might compel you to take up personal loans, but with the help of these top 5 wedding planners, if you are in Mumbai, you will be able to live through your dream wedding while remaining within your budget.

1. F5 Weddings

F5 Weddings, with their office in Andheri, promises to give shape to your dream of a spectacular wedding. At the same time, they help you budget your expenses, ensuring that you never overspend in your exuberance. They have a flat fee structure covering consultation fees, everything else from booking the venue to designing the wedding theme. On the big day, they undertake responsibilities of ushering in the guests, making them comfortable, and even seeing them off.

2. Var Vadhu

One of the pioneers of celebrity weddings in Mumbai, they had helped conduct Esha Deol’s lavish wedding in 2015. They help personalise wedding plans, tailoring them to your taste. Var Vadhu also has its own decorator, working to your advantage because you no longer need to burn a hole in your pocket for one or get a larger share of a personal loan for the same.

3. The Wedding Designers

Operating out of their Andheri West office, The Wedding Designers expertise in planning small-scale marriages right upto the level of opulent royal weddings. They have desired expertise to cater to both ends of wedding requirements. Their modus operandi is to work closely with the couple, their families and to develop a wedding plan that has the consent of all stakeholders. Weddings planned by them give credence to the individual tastes of their clients.

4. Shaadi Squad

Planning grand weddings in various sought-after foreign destinations, such as Oman, Muscat, and other exotic locations within India, Shaadi Squad is hailed for its list of impressive clientele. They had helped plan the wedding of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma back in 2016. More recently, the celebrity wedding of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif was planned and executed by them, and we are already aware of the grandeur and beauty in these weddings from the pictures shared around on social media.

5. Momente Wedding Planners

Are you worried about the organisation of a wedding and the rising cost of things? Or, do you not know the exact amount of personal loan you must avail of for your wedding? One of the first wedding planners in Mumbai, Momente Wedding Planners has its office in Vile Parle West. They started their operations in 2010. They undertake the responsibility to plan every minute detail of every event in marriage and work as advisors to you and your family, helping to take the load off your mind so that you can have the time of your life.

However, remember that a grand wedding, and the wedding planner’s services, come at a cost. Therefore, you may require funds over what you have saved till now for the purpose. Personal Loans in the form of Marriage Loans come in handy in this situation. All lending institutions have online personal loan EMI calculators embedded on their sites. You may access any of them, helping ascertain the personal loan rate of interest that you have to pay in case you avail of the loan. This homework will help you in your financial planning as you would know what is going to be your monthly liability while repaying the loan.

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