Top Tips For Hosting A Dinner Party

Top Tips For Hosting A Dinner Party

by Manish Singh

Planning a dinner party? Dinner parties have become a major trend in 2021 largely due to COVID-19 stopping people from going out to eat. While restaurants have reopened, many people still do not feel safe socializing in public. In addition to this, dinner parties can be more intimate, not to mention much cheaper than going to a restaurant! A dinner party can be a special occasion with a group of friends, but it can also be stressful for the person/people cooking and hosting. With this in mind, read on for a few tips that will hopefully help to lower stress while ensuring that it is a memorable night for all.

Get Planning ASAP

The key to a successful dinner party is preparation and the work that happens before the big night. Once you have confirmed the date, you need to confirm how many people will be coming and if anyone has any dietary requirements. You can then get started on planning the menu and other important aspects of the evening.

Split Up Responsibilities

If you will be hosting the party with a partner, friend, or household, you should assign different responsibilities so that everyone can be involved and lighten the load. For example, someone will obviously be in charge of the food and cooking, which means that someone else will need to do drinks, welcoming and keeping everyone entertained while waiting for the food.

Play It Safe

When it comes to cooking for a group of people, you might be tempted to try some exciting new recipe you saw online or on TV. However, cooking something completely new is a major risk and will add to your stress levels, which is why you should always play it safe and go with something that you have cooked before. If you do want to try something new, you should do a few test runs first to master the recipe and so that you can work out your timings. You may also want to choose something that requires a lot of ongoing attention; otherwise, you could find yourself spending most of the night in the kitchen and unable to spend time with your guests.

Get Home Beer Delivery

It is not just food that you need to think about as you will also want to serve a range of drinks for your guests. It is likely that people will bring wine, but it never hurts to have a few bottles available just in case. For a special treat, you could get freshly-brewed craft ales delivered to your door. Beer delivery will elevate the dinner party as it will be much nicer than beer from a bottle or can and can be a good conversation starter (getting it delivered is also one less thing to worry about).

Go Shopping The Day Before

You don’t want to discover you are out of onions or anything else on the big day. This is why you should always go shopping the day before to know that you have everything you need on the big day and can simply focus on the cooking. In addition to food and drink, you will want to make sure that you have important household items like hand soap and toilet roll.

Clean The Home On The Day

Leading on from this, on the day of the dinner party it is a good idea to clean the home from top to bottom. This will ensure that your house is ready for guests and will help you to feel more comfortable knowing that the home is at its best. You should also get the dining area prepared well ahead of their arrival.

Get Ready With Time To Spare

You don’t want to hear a knock on the door when you are still getting ready, which is why you need to give yourself plenty of time to get ready for your guests. Try to time it so that you have time to sit down, relax and pour yourself a drink before guests arrive.

Create A Playlist

Music is an essential component of a dinner party, but it is also very easy to get wrong. You should create a playlist of suitable music that flows well and will not be overbearing. If this is something that you will find difficult, there are plenty of dinner party playlists that you can find online.

Have A Few Conversation Starters

The best conversations are the ones that flow naturally, and this usually happens over time when people become more comfortable (and have had a drink or two). While hopefully, you will not need them, it is a good idea to have a few conversation starters to fill any awkward silences. There are many good options here but avoid anything that could cause offense or an argument.

Dinner parties can be great fun, and it is easy to see why they are so popular right now, but they can be stressful and a lot of hard work for the host. These tips should help and hopefully help your evening to be a complete success.

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