by Manish Singh

Toilet papers became the most wanted commodity during the pandemic in Australia. Shopkeepers felt that there was a need for buying these in bulk or take the risk of running short. Eventually, toilet papers ran out due to shortage. At this time, people began searching for alternatives to clean up right after making use of the toilet. The best choice and great option was the Toto bidet. This effectively gained a warm reception and saw an increase in sales.

Toto bidet products are sanitary accessories linked to a supply of water to dispense water for the primary purpose of personal hygiene. This limits the need for toilet paper. In a country like Australia, people always look for alternatives that make their job easier, especially in terms of personal hygiene and safety, cost savings, and eco-friendliness.

How to use a Toto bidet

1.    Mounting the bidet

The objective of the Toto bidet is to use it for cleaning purposes after using the toilet. Bidet is either placed closer to the toilet sometimes or fixed to the toilet wall. It appears like a lower sink.

On most of the standalone bidets, you can face the water controls of the bidet or face away from them like in a toilet. It is easier to keep a check on the temperature and movement of the water while facing towards the controls. The setting of the jets determines the way you face the controls. It is also determined by which part or area you want to clean. If you’re going to clean or wash your front, then face towards the jets. And if you’re going to wash your rear, then face away from the jets.

To activate the seat, search for the button to wash on the remote control of the bidet. It is usually fit to the wall alongside the toilet. On pressing the button, a nozzle appears underneath you with a flow of water that rinses the nether regions.

After you are done using it, press the stop button. The nozzle retracts and goes back to its position.

2.    Cleaning Yourself

The control of jets and the temperature of the water are adjustable depending upon your comfort. Start by switching on the hot water if the Toto bidet contains water controls on both cold and hot water. Then add cold water till you feel comfortable with the temperature of the water. Be careful while activating the flow of water because a slight change or turn of the water control will produce a high-speed jet of water. To have the jets on, you have to hold on to the controls.

Position yourself by sitting over the stream; by doing so, the water strikes the right area to be cleaned. Some of the bidets are without seats, but you still can sit on the rim.

3.    Following up

Dry up your skin with an air dryer that is in-built within most of the bidets. If this option is not available, use your towel placed alongside the bidet. After the usage, the jets need to run at a low pressure to make sure the bidet stays fresh and to clean the basin. Doing this is a step towards caution, hygiene, and general courtesy.

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