Turning Your Bedroom into the Perfect Hideaway

Turning Your Bedroom into the Perfect Hideaway

by Manish Singh

Your bedroom is the place where you go to rest after a long day, which is why it’s so important to make sure that this space is comfortable and welcoming. It can also be the perfect room to sneak away to if you need some space from other people you share a home with, using it as a private hideaway when you need some time to yourself. If you think your bedroom could use a makeover, below are some tips on how you can turn it into the most relaxing, comforting, perfect hideaway for you to enjoy day and night.

Improve Your Storage

A room that feels cluttered is automatically less comfortable to sit in. Despite it being clean and as tidy as possible, extra stuff piled up in the corner or taking up floor space will always feel out of place and messy. This is taking the time to do a bit of decluttering is a good place to start when revamping your bedroom, but you should also consider how you can improve the storage in it as well. You might benefit from putting extra hooks on the walls for things like your coats and dressing gowns or even a new shelving unit or dressing table with more drawers. You could even look at getting a bed frame with storage built-in to help keep your room neater, too.

A Good Mattress and Bedframe

Speaking of bedframes…if you want to transform your bedroom, getting a new bed can make a huge difference. More importantly, if you want to be able to get a good night’s sleep and truly relax when you get into bed, you will need a quality mattress to support you. You should change your mattress every eight years anyway, but in the meantime, make sure you’re caring for it properly, including getting it deep cleaned occasionally to eliminate odors or dust mites. Just look up Mattress cleaning services near you to find someone who can do this for you. If your bedroom is big enough, consider getting a king-size bed for a touch of luxury (this is particularly good for couples who could use the extra space!)


Another key element to turning your room into the perfect hideaway is the lighting. Of course, a bright overhead light is useful when you’re getting dressed or searching for something at night, but it must have bedside lamps or twinkle lights suspended above your bed if you want to create the ideal relaxing atmosphere. Bedside lamps are also very useful if you enjoy reading a book before bed, so you don’t strain your eyes in the dark. Scented candles are also worth investing in, as they can provide soft lighting and sweet scents to further comfort you.

Blinds and Drapes

Finally, if you want your bedroom to be the perfect hideaway, you need to be able to block out nosy neighbors as well. If you want to let some light but still have privacy, using netting or voile curtains is ideal for this. However, you will need heavier drapes of blinds for privacy at night. You may even want to consider getting black-out blinds or drapes if you enjoy having a lie-in at the weekends and don’t want the sunlight to disturb you.

If you want your bedroom to be the perfect hideaway where you can go to rest, use these tips to transform it.

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