Unravel the Game of Cricket and Earn Rewards

Unravel the Game of Cricket and Earn Rewards

by Manish Singh

Are you a hard-core cricket lover? Well, most of us are. Some of us have played it during
our childhood in our schools or even with our friends in the colony. We still prefer to play
as and when we get the time. With no proper playgrounds near our vicinity, it gets
difficult to go out and play. Over time, the situation has changed and man has been
occupied with a lot of work. He hardly gets time for daily outdoor activities. Even if you
are unable to go out to play, you can still keep the love for cricket in your heart alive. Just
don’t be satisfied by just watching the game on the television. You can get rewards by

Yes, you are right. Now, you can play cricket online and earn money. Sounds funny! But
it is the fact. You can use all your free time and play this game online. Most of the time,
you must be spending your free time without doing anything. But the right way to have
some fun along with earning. It fulfills two purposes – entertainment and earning. And
who doesn’t need money? Earning money helps to make our lives better. You can add
some money to your account from the comfort of your home.

Get started to play cricket online

As you might know the basic rules of cricket, you can swiftly start playing. Wondering
how to start playing as quickly as possible? Well, you just have to visit the gamezy
website and start playing directly from the website. Alternately, download the gamezy
app and install it on your phone and you are ready to play. You can choose the type of
game that you want to play as T20, Domestic matches, BCCI matches, ODI, and so on.
You can choose your 11 players and make your team with a choice to select your
captain and vice-captain. Then, you can enter the contest that you want to play and also
the monetary value. View the scoreboard and check your progress while following the

Some Tips for the Game

Once you are aware of the rules you can play fantasy cricket online without hesitating.
As the game is loved and played by people all over the world, all you need is to make
strategic plans and use your skills to earn maximum points. Besides that, you can follow
these fantasy cricket tips and tricks that will help you to win the game and earn more –

Study the performance of the player

Checking and understanding the performance of the player in recent games is very
crucial. Check for the consistency of the player as your earnings depend on the
performance of the player.

Examine the weather report and the pitching record

Checking for the weather report is essential as the weather can become a hindrance and
stop the game. Similarly, the pitch report needs to be examined carefully so that
according to the pitch the players can be selected whether a spin bowler or a power

Choose the top order batsman

Picking up the top-order batsmen is a plus point to win the game. If the batsmen can
score more runs, then winning becomes easy by giving the opponents a tough

Choose the right captain and vice-captain

Picking up the best performers as the captain and vice-captain will help you get more
points like 2X and 1.5X points respectively and make you are winning sure.

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