Video Games: Leading Source of Costume Inspirations

Video Games: Leading Source of Costume Inspirations

by Manish Singh

Pro gamer or not, if you are even slightly interested in a video game, it’s usually because of the thrill of fighting. The fast-paced action, combined with similar surroundings, keeps you hooked to the story. Now it would be absurd to look for fashion inspirations amid a fight or war? Right?

The way most of our fashion influenced by video games is real; they hold the key to the future of fashion. From comic-cons to even Halloween, savage costumes or dapper top-layers right from the video games are making a big name for themselves. There is rarely a costume party or contest where no one dresses up as their favorite fighter or flaunt their new Fallout 76 Bomber Jacket!

The virtual world has already meshed with reality, and it won’t be a stretch to say that the virtual is a new reality. Go through this guide to get a good view of how the fusion fashion is taking over step by step.

Battle Royale’s Best

The world’s most popular video gaming genre is winning all the titles. Apex Legend, a Battle Royale game, is a favorite for many great reasons. First, it has iconic characters with skills that will make your head spin in an instant. The game is full of features that will make any gamer swoon over its extensive beauty.

Second, the game has given freedom of expression to the players. The fantastic outfits used as the armor are some of the best top-layers for the upcoming comic cons. You can gain all the limelight from the dynamic contrasts of the jackets showcased in the game. Since this is the future of Battle Royale itself, it is considered the best game in this genre.

Specially the Wattson’s Orange Jacket, which looks super comfy and extraordinary. You can probably pull it off with minimal efforts since video game characters require less makeup than anime. Amp up your costume goals with the latest stuff from Apex Legend and win every front. Once you get the hang of dressing as video game characters, trust us, you will never want to dress up as anyone else.

They are inspiring, savage, cool, and a sight for sore eyes. There is no better combo than the right costume and weaponry of a miniature world’s character. If you get these two things right, you can quickly leave the rest to your outfit!

Comic Inspired Games too? 

Batman: Arkham Knights looks like an extension of the Batman movies and comics. It has the accuracy that it does not feel like it is a simple video game. From a mesmerizing environment to characters, bringing justice to everyone from the comics, this game is topping the lists for its creativity.

Gotham city’s vigilantes and villains are all in the game, making it a popular choice among young adults. The classic black outfits from the game are ideal for marking your presence in a big comic con.

It may be comic-inspired, but it is a game that no pro gamer can resist. You will probably enjoy portraying this version of your favorite characters more than the comic ones. With a strong plotline, it is easy to get immersed in a world of evil and Gotham!

From Fallout’s Huge Map 

The new game has the same skeleton as Fallout 4 with a giant map. The entire game is now online. Set twenty-five years after the Great War of 2102, Fallout 76 is based around the vault 76. With six new regions, this new version of the game got the right kind of attention from the masses.

It features a multiplayer mode with an option of saving the progress of the characters automatically. It provides a seamless experience no one can appreciate more than pro gamers. Since this new version is bigger and better, there is no doubt that the accessories from the game are more enticing.

The number of challenges faced by the creators of the game feels worthwhile when you take a look at the jacket everyone one is going crazy for these days. You do not have to be a gamer to appreciate the beauty of the Fallout Leather Jacket. It is plain in-sight for all those who are keen enough to take a look at it.

While there is a lot of debate regarding these attires, there is only one conclusion. Wear them whenever you feel like you want something different. It is up to you if you’re going to show it off in front of fellow gamers, in a big comic con, or carry it around as the outermost layer of your smart-casual outfit.

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