6 Ways to Help Your Community

Ways To Help Your Community

by Manish Singh

Being able to support your local community is a truly good thing to do. You’ll be helping people in need, making the neighborhood a better place to be, and you’ll have a focus, so you’ll know you’re doing something good and achieving something. Added bonuses include the fact that you might meet new friends, and you’ll certainly learn some new skills. So, if you’re keen to give back to your community, here are some ways to do it.

Be A Volunteer

If you’re searching for a way (or ways) to help out in your local community, becoming a volunteer and doing something that interests you while also helping others is a wonderful thing to do. Whether it’s visiting an elderly care home and talking to residents so they’re not lonely, selling items at a thrift store, or even being in a local hospital or school helping out where you’re most needed, you’ll see there are lots of choices for you when you start looking at how to be a volunteer.

Volunteering is something that can take as much or as little of your time as you are happy for it to, so if you only have an hour a week, you can still volunteer as helpfully as if you have no limits on your time whatsoever. No matter what you do, when you are a volunteer, you’ll be helping someone, and you’ll be improving your local area.

Buy From Local Businesses

Buying from a small, local company rather than a bigger chain store or online will always be an easy and positive way to support them. Even if you think this would mean paying a little more than you would online, for example, you might actually find that this is not the case; since smaller stores have to keep up with the internet and larger chains, it might be that the prices are comparable, so you’ll not be ‘losing out’. Even if the prices are more, if you can afford them, buying local is still the best option; you’ll be putting money back into your local community and economy, and that will help everyone in the end.

Once you have bought something, look for ways to leave a review or recommend that business to others. In this way, not only will you have spent money there, but you will also be encouraging others to do the same, helping that business survive and even thrive, and ensuring your local area’s economy grows.

Pick Up Trash

Litter is a scourge on every street in every town in almost every country around the world. It looks awful, is bad for the environment, and makes the entire neighborhood look much worse than it should. However, if you take a trash bag, or even a small shopping bag, with you when you go out, you can collect any trash you see and dispose of it properly once you get home. It might not seem as though you’re doing very much, but the truth is you are doing something, and that’s better than nothing.

If you can persuade others to do the same, or even organize a group litter pick on a Saturday afternoon, for example, you’ll find that your local area starts to look much nicer. Consequently, when there is less litter on the ground, people will drop less of it. Conversely, the more litter there is, the more people will drop as they feel no one cares.


If you have things to give to a worthwhile cause, check if any charities in your area might benefit from them. If so, gather together a bag of items that are ideal for donating and take them along to a thrift store or perhaps to a specially organized garage sale or another event. You might even sell them yourself and decide to give the money to a good cause. This is a great way to help out in your local community while also helping you keep your home neat and tidy. Once you make a donation, you’ll see how easy it is, and you’ll do it more and more.

Clothes, toys, books, and a variety of other household goods are constantly in demand. Don’t forget about food – homeless shelters, for example, will accept food to help feed people in need. You can really make a difference if you purchase a little more each time you go to the store and then donate the extra.


Because plants and weeds will always grow no matter whether they are meant to or not, anyone who has a penchant for gardening will be highly regarded in the local area and needed on an almost constant basis. If this sounds like something you are good at or even just something you enjoy, you might be able to help with the upkeep of a community green space, work with vulnerable people to give them the chance to try gardening as therapy, or teach others how to produce their own food.

Whether you do something as simple as weeding community spaces or you create an entire local garden for everyone to use, the choice is yours, but there is something very special about having beautiful outdoor community areas, and it will certainly improve your neighborhood.

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