Ways To Insert Watermark to PDF on Windows or Mac

by Manish Singh

GogoPDF is a way to get people to use simple steps to insert watermarks to PDF digitally and unlimited access. Users may be accustomed to multiple websites’ assurances that they provide free services, but they will not justify the hidden costs and require payment. Others also offer this similar operation, except with a paid membership, they need prices or a profile.

Also, its functionality is unmatched. You could even launch GogoPDF by using any device on a popular operating system, such as Mac and Windows. Almost all large internet browsers or apps, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and perhaps other widely known portals, are also supported.

How is PDF Watermarking Helpful?

Watermarks were essential and commonly used to secure the digital data when they are inserted within PDF pages. Except during writing, it doesn’t vanish, allowing it a reasonable move into preserving your files. It isn’t that simple when you add watermark to PDF online, though, but GogoPDF is a service that can attach easily and free to use.

Anything, from an individual’s visible assets to a digital thing, could be taken away. These are necessary to get something to secure your production, thoughts, and conceptual assets in a recent era where everything you do should be seen by someone else by accident or otherwise. In getting control and protecting your valuable documents, watermarks carry vital importance.

How to Add Watermark on a PDF File?

You become involved in multiple types of situations and difficulties when managing personal content. One perfect example of the scenario you may experience is interacting with others who take ownership of your actual project. They take full credit for the job you’re putting energy into. This is why holding the files using a watermark is essential.

Constructing a label of your own is a different purpose for applying a watermark to any document. Typically, these are achieved when you’re doing an enterprise, imaging, etc. This will cause the specific picture to stick to the memory of any person who has had a moment to see your project. That allows tons of sense today to attach a watermark to any job.

You are adding a watermark to a PDF file once you don’t seem to know when to use this feature. Here is a complete guide about how to apply watermarks to specific PDF data.

  1. The first process is to import the PDF document that you wish to place a watermark on your PDF files. This will enable GoGoPDF to acknowledge the imported PDF file and begin analyzing it. This process will be needed to do the next step.
  2. The next step is to attach a watermark to your uploaded PDF document. You will now see some options on how you would like to place the watermark. You can either type a name or any word you desire, upload an image whether you customize it, or grab it somewhere.
  3. You may now sit for a while and wait until the attaching process is finished. Typically, the labeling process takes a few seconds or two minutes.
  4. You may now download the PDF file with the attached watermark after you have done the three steps above. You may decide to store the newly labeled PDF file in any desktop, smartphone, notebook, folder, or cloud storage.

Making Your Watermark

You could insert your customized watermark just like it is stated from the second phase of attaching a watermark to any PDF document using GoGoPDF as your internet-based resource. It’s a perfect key to developing your unique label and giving audiences a glimpse of your style or your main objective to construct your product to add a personalized part of a watermarking PDF.

Straightforward Online PDF Tool

Other individuals search to process with its data is a web portal that can do your task quickly. It will save time and energy, particularly when you’re hectic at home or work. Many consumers would not be attracted to those other resources with long cycles that will require a great deal of time.

Therefore, you can use the GogoPDF service since it helps users use the service online to apply watermarks to PDF free of charge. With its easy steps, developers of this tool made it for users to be a user-friendly online tool. You may also do other tasks if you need to modify your PDF files.

Your Files Are Safe With This Tool

You will then be confident that the PDF data should be protected on any threat or viewed openly somewhere while you interact with GoGoPDF to watermark every PDFs. The safety protocols of GoGoPDF enable any individual to feel a protected place while using its offerings. For several digital files, indeed, this is still beneficial to keep extra care.


It can appear like applying watermarks to any original file is a simple modification to any PDF file. But, shielding your PDF file against unintended duplication or getting the details of those PDF files copied would have the benefit of providing a watermark.

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