Ways to Naturally Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your House

Ways to Naturally Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your House

by Bryn Fest

No matter the size or location of your house, you can be sure of seeing mosquitoes during a particular time of the year. In some cases, mosquitoes entering your home can be a regular thing throughout the year. While these tiny mosquitoes can look harmless, they are capable of deteriorating one’s health to a great extent. If left unchecked, frequent mosquito bite can lead to malaria, yellow fever, dengue, and other health problems. Things can become worse if your house is located near a pond.

While the market offers various solutions to repel mosquitoes like coils, liquids, sprays, etc., they are high on chemicals, which can be injurious to your health. Hence, to help people get rid of mosquitoes, we’ve curated an epic guide featuring natural ways to repel mosquitoes. You can follow any method shared below and say goodbye to mosquitoes for good. So let’s quickly check the measures shared below.

Use a Mosquito Spray

We’re not talking about the regular chemical-laced mosquito spray at this point. Sprays can effectively repel mosquitoes, but their chemical composition can be hazardous for your family members. But you can fix things by using an organic mosquito spray. Organic mosquito sprays are harmless and often contain a pleasant smell.

Regular use allows you to start noticing fewer mosquitoes in and around your house. You should use herbal mosquito spray in all your rooms during the evening time so you can sleep without any buzzing sound of mosquitoes or irritating mosquito bites.

Place Mosquitoes Nets on Windows

If you want to make your house mosquitoes-free, you have to start by preventing their entry. Sprays, coils, and other repellents are great for tackling mosquitoes that have made it inside your house, but they cannot stop them from entirely entering your home. Hence, the best way to minimize the number of mosquitoes entering your house is by blocking their entry to windows, doors, and any other outlet.

The best way to prevent mosquito entry is by placing top-quality mosquito nets on windows. These nets have tiny holes that keep mosquitoes outside the net but don’t affect breathability. The market also has a mosquito net that can be placed on your bed; it is not the most convenient option to proceed with.

Light a Mosquito Agarbatti

One of the best and most pleasant ways to stop mosquitoes flying around your house is by lighting a mosquito agarbatti. These are common in Indian households and are also easy to find. But most agarbattis are used while offering prayers. Many people aren’t aware that there are agarbattis that can be used to fly away mosquitoes. You can find organic mosquito agarbatti that has a pleasant smell.

If you have elderly and little kids in your house, you should consider organic mosquito agarbatti for best results. The market offers these agarbattis in various smells, so you don’t have to settle for any random smell. And since organic agarbattis are made using herbal ingredients, they are not harmful to your family members.

Get Mosquito Repellent Plants

It can sound surprising, but some plants help repel mosquitoes. It is an excellent and effective option for anyone who doesn’t like to use artificial mosquito repellents. Mosquitoes can sense human presence from a distance, helping them find and enter houses. The only way to hinder their senses is by introducing strong plant smells into the equation.

When you place plants like tulsi, marigold, mint, lemongrass, and others with a powerful smell, it distracts mosquitoes by interrupting their senses. It distracts mosquitoes, preventing them from sensing human presence near them. It can significantly reduce the entry of mosquitoes into your house.

Spray Garlic Water throughout Your House

Garlic is known for its strong and distinct smell, and this is something even the mosquitoes cannot tolerate. If you wish your entire home to be truly free from mosquitoes, spraying garlic water in all rooms can do wonders. Even though garlic contains a strong smell, it won’t last long in your house, so you don’t have to worry about living with this unbearable smell.

To prepare a garlic water spray, you will have to boil some garlic cloves in hot water and let it patiently simmer for a few minutes. Once done, let the concoction cool down and transfer it to a spray bottle. You can then use it in all rooms and witness incredible results.

Living in a Mosquitoes-free House Need Not be Hard

No one likes sitting or lying around their house with mosquitoes buzzing all day and night. They can be irritating, but restricting their presence can be challenging for some. Hence, to help people live in a mosquito-free house, we’ve shared above all the possible natural measures to reduce or eliminate their presence. You can follow one or more methods to get the best results.

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