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What Are Corrosive Chemicals? A Complete Guide To Corrosive Chemicals

by Manish Singh

Any chemicals, be in liquid, solid and gaseous or vapour state, when dissolves an object are called corrosive. Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, ammonium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide etc. are falling under the category of corrosive chemicals. Corrosive chemicals are very harmful for human health.If accidentally contact with corrosive chemicals, these can destroy our body tissue, burn and blister our skin. One may dies also due to severe burn. These chemicals can burn eyes leading to permanent blindness. If it happens to be swallowed, it will burn mouth, throat and lungs in digestive system. Person will lose the ability to swallow. If anyone breathes in corrosive vapour, lining of his nose, throat, lungs will be burnt.

Chemicals resistant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a vital role while handling corrosive chemicals. Workers can stay safe in PPE.

What is Corrosive Chemicals Cart?

While working with the hazardous chemicals, there is high chance of occurrence of accidents from the corrosive nature of these substances. So, taking safety measure is a must. And this requirement has made the corrosive chemical carts the must-have equipment wherever dangerous substances are being handled. Along with other tools, corrosive chemical cartis vital to form an effective and perfect environment wherever harmful substances are handled. Since these chemicals carts are acids and corrosives resistant, these ensure no hazards in transportation.

Types of Corrosive Chemical Carts:

Mainly there are two types of Corrosive chemical carts. Based on the materials they are made, these carts have been differentiated. These two types are:

  • Polypropylene Chemical carts: These carts are made of polypropylene and used for transportation of corrosive chemicals and other harmful waste. These chemical carts are built in liquid tight welding technique. These carts meet all safety and regulatory requirement. These carts are available at affordable price.
  • Utility carts: These carts are generally built out of zinc, chromium or stainless steel. These chemical carts are also used to transport the hazardous substances. But these are not ideal for moving dangerous chemicals as polypropylene carts are. It is high-priced. These are used as heavy-duty carts and medium-duty carts.

Why Polypropylene chemical carts wins over Utility chemical carts?

Polypropylene chemical carts have gained popularity more than utility chemical carts for the following reasons:

  • Polypropylene chemicals carts are designed to ensure maximum and safety and easy usage. This material has chemical compatibility. Therefore, to avoid disasters, Polypropylene Chemical carts are widely used for moving corrosive chemicals or hazardous waste from one place to another.
  • In industries or medical business, container sizes vary significantly. Here, such a transportation cart is required that can accommodate these different types of containers. Polypropelene chemical carts are made in such a way that most container sizes can be fitted in these carts. We do not have to purchase different transport equipment for different sizes of containers. Polypropylene chemical carts are configured to support heavy container loads. These carts have foot-operated brake which reduces risk of spillage.
  • Polypropylene chemical carts are acid-resistant as well as they ensure smooth movement. So, they can be used at small spaces.

Both chemical carts work well. Only consideration is the lifespan.

What are the characteristics of corrosive chemical cart?

Demand of chemical carts is increasing day by day. These chemical carts are used to handle heavy material and storage purpose. Use of these chemical carts is beneficial as they are:

  • Versatile-As per the need, these chemical carts can be designed for wide range of uses in including classrooms, laboratories, electronics, chemicals, etc.
  • Flexible– These chemical carts can be used at any place. These come in different sizes and can be customized. These are perfect for ESD (Electrostatic discharge) as there are ports in these carts.
  • Safe and secure-Materials can be carried in chemical carts safely without anybody’s assistance. There is no chance of dropping material and getting these damaged. There is no risk of getting injured also by the working staff. You can move hazardous chemicals, tools and costly material in these user-friendly carts securely.
  • Efficient– These corrosive chemical carts move materials and tools from one place to other efficiently for various purposes. Materials can be stored in these carts easily.
  • Durable-These chemical carts are long lasting and provide service for many years.

Irrespective of usage, choosing chemical carts is the smartest choice which simplifies the task of material handling and essentiality of storage.

Safety of Transportation of chemical substance is an important issue

The transportation of hazardous chemicals can make significant threats to people and the environment in the way of explosions, fires, toxic leaks, radioactive spills, and the breathing of corrosive substances. These threats have made safe chemical transportation an important issue. The best practices for transporting corrosive chemicals or hazardous waste can reduce the risk of accidents which causes damage.

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