What Are Important Entertainment Channels for Indians?

What Are Important Entertainment Channels for Indians?

by Bryn Fest

Top 3 Most Popular Indian Entertainments

For an average person who has not been to India, the best you can know of what is going on is what you see on TV screens. Surprisingly, it is difficult for such individuals to see Indian beyond Bollywood and cricket. The movies and the many musical performances accompanying them make the Indian Bollywood industry standout globally. However, there is no denying that Indians love cricket beyond these movies.

You either find an average Indian man excited about cricket by watching and playing, or you find the women obsessed with their favorite movie characters. The response of Indians to these two entertainment platforms – cricket and movies has made them two of the most popular. While the interests in these two entertainments still exist, it is important to mention that there’s been a shift in recent times. Indians are beginning to consider other entertainment platforms so much that they have become very popular.

Here, we shall be examining three of these most popular Indian entertainments and why they trigger people’s fancy.

Sports betting

One of the most popular Indian entertainments is sports betting, particularly cricket. Everywhere, you’d see many people placing a bet on one cricket team or the other. For some, they stake on their favorite players while considering other win options available for cricket on the betting website.

If you’re betting on a website like Parimatch, you can check the Quantum IPL Legends Live score. Here, you can do several things which include:

  • Analyzing the statistics of past games and outcomes
  • Player performances and ratings per game
  • Any other information on the cricket game to make good predictions.

Staking on cricket games has become a major entertainment in India, with many people making a lot of money. Many users spend time analyzing and placing bets on platforms like Parimatch to earn extra cash on their favorite games.


Another source of entertainment that is popular among Indians is music. This is not surprising because you always get a feel of music in everything done. Whether you are walking into a restaurant or trying to catch up with a business meeting, you will always hear music playing somewhere. The interesting thing is that you don’t just get random musical presentations; you get the best that will always want to sweep you off your feet.

Several groups put together concerts and musical performances peculiar to Indian culture on weekends. Guess what? These musical shows are always filled up because they allow everyone to unwind from a long week at work. It also presents an opportunity for everyone to watch some of their favorite artists perform live.

The love of music has also contributed largely to the increase in Radio FM stations you will find around. Despite the continuous technological advancement the globe has witnessed over the years, the love Indians have for music continues to be evident in how often they stay glued to radio stations listening to music.

Internet and social media

Social media represents one of the major sources of entertainment for the people of India. Though with a large population, statistics show that more than 560 million citizens of India are actively on social media. The reasons for the massive influx of individuals on the internet include but are not limited to:

The ease of accessing the internet in the country

It is impossible to list countries with ease of accessing the internet without including India. This relative ease has contributed to an increased personal interest in the internet in no small ways. It has also strengthened the presence of Indians on social media.

The low cost of data by several service providers

Another reason for the massive presence of the people of India on social media is the low cost of data. Many service providers understand that individuals need the internet for education and entertainment. They have made the cost of data low and provided for different subscription plans within the budget of various individuals and classes.

The presence of different communities with similar interests

For the people of India, the internet and social media gives them access to a community of like-minded individuals. While some people in these communities are from similar cultural orientations, others come from different parts of the world. With this, exchanging ideas and ideologies is possible, which is a mutual ground for entertainment.

Through social media and the internet, music artists, actors and actresses, skit makers, and everyone into one form of entertainment or the other have been able to showcase their crafts. For those showcasing, it helps them make money while it provides a channel of entertainment for those consuming.


Regardless of how busy one gets in India, whether with corporate work, business, or school activities, cooling off at one point or the other is essential. With sports betting known to be one of India’s major sources of entertainment, it is not surprising that several wagering sites are coming up every other day. For users, there is a need to exercise care and go for a reputable sports betting site like Parimatch. You can either stake on games directly on the website or download the application for access to various sports, fast and convenient payouts.

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