What are the other related visas in replacement of E2 visas?

What are the other related visas in replacement of E2 visas?

by Bryn Fest

There are a lot of instances wherein you wanted to get a visa, but it seems a lot is stopping you. It may be that you are short of requirements or keep on failing the interview. In that sense, maybe the fault is not on your end. Perhaps you are just applying for the wrong visa.

There are a lot of sayings lurking around that it can be possible that you are aiming for something that is not for you. In this E2 Visa Guide, we would like to provide other options for you if you keep on failing your E2 visa application.

In this sense, you can continue the dream and goal of going to the United States of America, having almost the exact requirements of the E2 visa.

 E2 Visa: An Overview

Before we jump to the alternatives, let’s dig further into what an E2 visa is. This is for us to compare the similarities that they have.

An E2 visa is a type of visa given to an individual who manages to invest or possess a substantial amount of business or investment in the United States of America. Also, the individual must have 40 percent of controllership over the investment or business. Moreover, the visa holder should not involve himself in other employment in the US to avoid the termination of his visa.

These are just the peak of the iceberg of what an E2 visa is. But the requirements and guidelines will mainly revolve around this. As we go along further, you will notice these similarities to the other visas.

The Alternatives

Now, let us proceed to the possible alternatives you can apply for to replace an E2 visa.

EB-5 Visa

In this type of visa, you must create or maintain jobs in the United States of America. It can be in a business venture or investment wherein you are part of the operations. The business or investment must be created or established after November 29, 1990.

Or it can be created on or before the said date, but it has to be purchased or reorganized. Furthermore, it can also be in the form wherein your investment resulted in a 40 percent increase in the company’s worth or workforce.

If you are investing on your own, your investment must hire ten new employees in full-time positions. In addition, these additional employees must not be your relatives or dependents. Furthermore, they must engage directly with the enterprise.

The investment here is relatively high. It has a minimum requirement of $500,000 up to $1million depending on the area you are investing in.

O-1 Visa

In this type of visa, you must present that you excel in business to qualify. It can be delivered via proof of salary and position in the business field. However, this type of visa does not limit to trade only. It can expand to arts, education, and other genres as well.

Other requirements include written consultation from groups or management organizations stating your business abilities. It also has a copy of the employment contract or summary of the oral agreement. The visa applicant must attach an itinerary of where he is going during his stay in the US that must be associated with his visa.

Other requirements may include evidence of the beneficiary’s abilities such as awards, membership to elite organizations, contributions, and different types of evidence.

Which to choose?

That depends on your requirements and the type of stay you are applying for. We will set examples for you.

  1. Let us say that you can only invest up to $100,000. And your budget is limited to this amount; the best one for you is an E2 visa. This amount is good for starting up a business or already investing in an excellent or troubling company.
  2. Now, if you have a considerable amount of investment to make, EB-5 is better for you. Your immigration lawyer can tackle all the details in total for you about this one. This is also if you want to have more stable and more profitable investments when you land in the US.
  3. Suppose you don’t have that much to invest in, but your qualifications and ability are like an executive. In that case, you can choose O-1. in this type of visa; you can pass as long as you can prove that your proficiency in business is extraordinary.


It is always good to have options. That makes our life easier as it can expand our choice to better ideas. Our suggestion is for you to talk it over with your immigration lawyer to provide you with which is better in your case.

Remember that each applicant has their cases, and not everyone is the same. We hope you have come up with a decision with our E2 visa guide.

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