What do you Mean by PEMDAS? Explain PEMDAS Rule

What do you Mean by PEMDAS? Explain PEMDAS Rule

by Manish Singh

Math is a rational topic with some standard rules to help us with our calculations. PEMDAS rule is used for solving arithmetic expressions containing multiple operators. The acronym PEMDAS is used in mathematics to recall the order of operations. Understanding the order of operations is important since it is the foundation for studying mathematics at all levels.

What is PEMDAS?

The rules for ordering operations are a collection of guidelines that specify the procedures that must be completed first and in what order in order to evaluate mathematical expressions. PEMDAS is the acronym for this convention. P stands for parenthesis, E stands for exponents, M stands for multiplication, D stands for division, A stands for addition, and S stands for subtraction. BODMAS is another acronym that is commonly used depending on the country (Brackets, order, division and multiplication, addition and subtraction). In various parts of the world, different names and acronyms are used to specify the orders of service. BEDMAS, which stands for Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction, is the acronym used in Canada for the order of operations. GEMDAS, where G stands for grouping, is another acronym for the same order of operations.

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Why do we use PEMDAS?

PEMDAS is a very important concept of mathematics as it lays some rules through which we can solve the most complex equations. Let us understand why PEMDAS is important in Mathematics.

Because of the importance of math problems that arise in our daily lives, using the order of operations and PEMDAS has become increasingly popular in recent years. These types of mathematical equations are popular because people assume that the best way to implement the order of operations is to work from left to right. These simple math problems are enlightening and demonstrate the value of PEMDAS since the majority of people get them wrong.


The sequence of operations used to solve complex arithmetic operations is known as the PEMDAS law. It’s an acronym for the order in which operations should be performed when solving expressions of multiple operations. In mathematics, the PEMDAS rule is used to simplify complicated calculations. It states that in order to calculate the answer, start with the terms within the parentheses or brackets, then solve exponential terms, then multiplication and division operations from left to right, and finally addition and subtraction operations.

Without understanding how to apply the math order of operations, it’s difficult to solve math problems correctly, both simple and complex, and PEMDAS is a useful tool for remembering them in the correct order, as long as you remember the related sub-rules listed above. PEMDAS isn’t the only way to remember how to use the math order of operations correctly, but if you remember the key sub-rules, it can be a helpful reference. BODMAS is another name for PEMDAS. Although the words are distinct, they have the same meaning.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Understanding PEMDAS can help you build a strong mathematical foundation enabling you to solve complex problems easily. Happy Learning!

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