What is the most important thing when looking for elderly care

by Manish Singh

Parents are most important part of our life. So, even if children are going abroad or in some other towns leaving their parents alone, they are always having this fear of health and care of their parents back in their mind.

They are always in the search of a perfect caregiver for the daily needs of their old parents in their absence. No matter how dependant or independent our senior is, we always expect a skilled all-rounder caregiver who can full fill the demands of our aged parents.

While taking care of elderly, we have to keep a lot of things into consideration.

So, we can say that the most important thing for elderly care is “caregivers” or “trained nurses” who always keep the health of their patients and their needs and wellbeing to their utmost priority.

We can’t deny this fact that the bigger the disability of a person, bigger is their needs and bigger is the responsibility of the person who takes care of them.

This is observed that in home health care services provided to them are not what they deserve, and elderly people dont like complaining. So, generally they settle for less, but this is not right. The solution of this problem is very simple and straight forward.

* Treat them like normal human beings:

We know that this is a basic thing but we have seen people disrespecting elders like they are nothing. So, while taking care of them caregivers should treat them like normal human beings. Elderly people are very sensitive and are often stressed with the issues like not having a child, alcoholic son or son-in-law, widowed daughter; drug addicted family members or unhealthy grandchildren.

In such cases they should be handled politely and with love. Their thoughts should be listened. You can take them for a walk or sit with them for a tea. It is also observed that taking an outside help seems to them as a compromise with their privacy and dignity. So, they should be given complete freedom and mustn’t be poked for what they don’t have.

* A proper bathing schedule:

A care giver is meant to do everything from laundry, shopping, bathing and many more. We understand that bathing is not the best experience you can have as it is very difficult for elder to get naked in front of a stranger. So, we suggest you to make a schedule for bathing like 2-3 times a week for full body bath, where you can keep the bath ready along with proper temperature of water, sponge, towels, etc.

Also make sure to keep the floor not very slippery as the fall risk is very much in elders. To make them feel comfortable, strike up a natural conversation and don’t forget to maintain the elder’s dignity during a bath.

* Give proper care to the ones who deserve it:

We completely understand that caregivers also have their home to be taken care of. But nurse to home should understand that she should be giving enough care to the person who deserves it while not letting the huge-do-list for their own family, to come in between their work. They should learn good management skills to keep both family and patients happy.

* Don’t take everything so personally:

Many elderly people are seen to magnify the small problems into very big issues. But you should not take everything personal; try to be as people-centric as you can instead of just being self-centred. You should start thinking by being in their shoes.

While taking care of elderly, especially the ones suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, you might lose your patience by explaining again and again that why and what you are doing. So, don’t get stressed out and Instead of complaining every now and then, try to understand their problems and making them feel more comfortable and happy by treating them as part of your own family.

Wrapping Up:

The demand of elderly care is continuously rising and it is a very rewarding experience. But we can’t ignore the stubborn behaviour you might experience as elderly people don’t agree for a nurse for home or any kind of caregiver. So, it is our suggestion to maintain a positive attitude, as good things take time and ultimately things fall into the right place.

If you are also looking for a caregiver or any other health care services for your dear ageing parents, we will be more than happy to help you out.

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