Why is Clean Energy Important to our Future?

Why is Clean Energy Important to our Future?

by Manish Singh

Technology has been responsible for evolving and propelling human civilization to great heights. Every new technological advancement has been a leap at how humans look at the world around them, finding new ways to improve their lives and bringing conveniences towards work or their daily lives. But even technologies need fuel to function, whether it is a couple of horses to move a carriage or even coal to power a steam engine.

With time people have been made aware of the effects such types of fuel have on the world. There have also been leaps in methods to efficiently manage energy, and anyone living in the society must participate in these energy management courses to understand how to deal with proper ways to consume energy in their daily lives. Accounting for the loss of energy during creation or consumption due to mismanagement, proper energy management is one of the many solutions that a future India would require.

Energy management is a contained process, which professionals take part in to analyse how energy use can be efficiently used. This process is used to reduce energy and maintenance costs while still gaining in production. While it may seem quite professional in use and not beneficial towards the general consumers, it is an important step towards making the people self-sufficient as far as efficient energy consumption is concerned. People should take note of how this benefits them and actively take part in such courses offered by some of the best energy management colleges in India like NTPC School of Business in Delhi for instance. It is important that whether it is a professional concern or personal, that people get their concepts cleared from reputed institutes to benefit the most.

The world has seen huge technological leaps over the centuries, and with these, there have also been leaps made on the kind of fuel used. For a long time, the world has been dependent on fossil fuels, and even advancements from the last century has only been able to dig through to the usage of other kinds of fossil fuels. Whether it is the usage of coal or petroleum that is consumed every day, both of those have been responsible for the emission of pollutants affecting both breathable air and water but also the atmosphere.

The situation surrounding the use of fossil fuels is manifold. It is not just pollution even if that itself has caused an immense amount of distress in the daily lives of people. It is also the fear that future generations might not be able to support a growing population’s energy needs with depleting finite energy sources.

While the past has been heavily dependent on fossil fuels, the future pf energy use leads to the utility of cleaner and renewable sources of energy. While it takes millions of years to form fossil fuels, it is also the energy that is absorbed from the sun. Solar energy has been absorbed by the planet for so long and as long as the sun exists, it is a viable source of direct energy. This is one of the examples of the types of energy that will be used in the future.

One can just envision a future where housing units use such types of energy as solar and wind, where vehicles can be powered by using the same. Simply doing this much itself will be responsible for the reduction in carbon emissions significantly. Such an act would help out the environment and gradually the world by a lot. This kind of future where communities depend on their own power supply and the load on power plants is significantly reduced. A future where the cities are so lacking in pollution, the night sky is no longer a myth. This will not just be a matter of a healthy environment, but reduced costs of energy consumption and maintenance will also help people with their savings and in turn actually better their lives. As with most things in this world, every action has far-reaching ripples, so does using cleaner energy forms. This is what the future use of energy will bring to both India and the world, and such a hope lies only with the present.

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