Why MJ arsenal is the top mini rig all beginner smokers should choose

Why MJ arsenal is the top mini rig all beginner smokers should choose

by Manish Singh

If you’re new to using dab rigs, consider using a mini rig for your next purchase! You will enjoy the portability, intense high, long-lasting high, and strong flavor!

Why should I choose an MJ arsenal mini rig?

There are many benefits to choosing an MJ arsenal mini rig over a regular-sized dab rig. Dab rigs are off of the best options on the market for smokers who enjoy using concentrates instead of weed flowers or other smoking methods. By using concentrates, you can get an intense high, strong flavor, and easy use of the mechanism that is simpler than bongs.

Although dab rigs can be considered complicated and high-tech, once you know how to use them they are quite simple, fun, and exciting to use. However, if you do not need that much and you want a more portable option, consider choosing an MJ arsenal mini rig over a full-sized dab rig for added versatility. Click here for quick purchase options.

But what is a mini dab rig? How is it different from a traditional dab rig? A mini dab rig is a smaller dab rig – that’s it. Mini rigs actually work in the same exact way as a regular-sized dab rig operates, but just in a tinier version. The benefit of choosing an MJ arsenal mini rig over a dab rig is the ability to produce more flavor with this apparatus than the full size due to the lower concentration of air.

Along with the intense flavor of the mini rig that will boost the enjoyment of smoking from an MJ arsenal mini rig, these types of dab rigs have more concentration than the bigger dab rigs. If the volume of the area is smaller within the mini rig, this means that you will have stronger, more concentrated, and more intense pulls that can result in longer-lasting and more intense highs. Along with having a stronger high, the pull will be smoother and more comfortable than you would find with a bigger-sized dab rig.

In addition, another benefit of using an MJ arsenal mini rig is the increased mobility factor. When compared to bigger dab rigs, bongs, or other bigger smoking apparatuses, the mini rig is much more reportable to bring in your backpack or bring to friend’s houses for smoking sessions. With bigger items, it is more difficult or dangerous to bring them with you, as they are less durable and contain more moving parts that can get lost or break.

What mini rig should I buy?

If you are considering buying a mini dab rig instead of a full-sized dab rig, then consider choosing one of these options for your purchase.

MJ Arsenal royale mini rig

One of the best options for a mini rig for you is the Royale mini rig from MJ Arsenal, due to the smooth percolator, moisture to cook each inhale so you don’t get a smoky feeling in your throat, and double filtration so you can avoid harmful toxins and chemicals from being inhaled.

MJ Arsenal Atlas mini rig

The second option of mini rig that we think is good to choose is the Atlas, using a double chamber to help keep water from being inhaled accidentally during the pull. In addition, the honeycomb percolator adds another level of filtration to make the pull as smooth and cool as possible.

MJ Arsenal jammer mini rig

Another option of mini rig that is great to choose if you are used to using small dab rigs is the MJ Arsenal jammer mini rig, a basic rig that is easy to use and easy to clean.


If you are new to using dab rigs and mini rigs, consider using this smaller-sized option for increased usability, portability, and strong flavor! Although it is smaller in size, this doesn’t mean the hit is any less strong. Due to the lower amount of air inside of the ring, you will end up with a more intense pull, long-lasting high, and strong flavor that is ideal for advanced smokers. Consider purchasing a mini rig from MJ Arsenal to provide a new smoking experience that may be more suited to your needs than bigger apparatuses, like full-sized dab rigs or bongs. Use this mini rig for an easy-to-use option, increased mobility, more versatility, and smoother hits.

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