Why Switch to Using Standing Desks in the Office?

by Manish Singh

Chronic heart and metabolic diseases are on the rise due to physical inactivity. One-third of the disease burden in Australia is due to an inactive lifestyle. A solution that has the potential to change this situation is the standing desk. A simple act of getting up from the chair more often or working standing up can make a considerable difference. A sit-or-stand solution has proven to improve productivity and the overall energy levels in workplaces. And for all these reasons, standing desks in Australia has become a work trend that is creating waves in the corporate world.

The choice of allowing the employees to stand in their workstation has to come with the provision of adequate adjustable desks. It is an incredible invention that allows the user to stand up and work comfortably. Several versions are flexible to help workers alternate between standing or sitting while they work. It can counteract the harmful effects of prolonged sitting and improve overall posture.

Here are four reasons why standing benefits office workers.

1. Standing lowers chances of Obesity and aids weight-loss:

Weight gain is accelerated by consuming more calories than the body uses up. According to this logic, conversely, burning more calories than an individual’s average intake aids in weight loss. Exercise, as doctors will agree, is the most efficient way to use up those extra calories. But making a simple choice of standing instead of sitting can have a role in burning calories.

Rather than doing sedentary work in the afternoon, spending equal amounts of time standing has shown to use up over 160 calories. Do the math for a week, and the total will be a staggering 1000 additional calories, which one can effortlessly burn by merely standing at their desk. This rate of calorie burn helps you get away from a sedentary lifestyle and the related metabolic disorders.

2. Standing in the workplace Lowers Blood Sugar

The blood sugar level increases after each meal one takes. And the rate at which it increases has an impact on one’s health. This effect amplifies in people who have type 2 diabetes or in those who are obese. A study found that a mere 180 minutes of standing after a meal reduced the spike in blood sugar levels by 43% compared to those who sat. These results reflect that the more movement incorporated, the better the metabolism is.

3. Standing while working Lowers the Risk of Heart Diseases.

The study surrounding this issue started way back in the 1950s. Since then, numerous studies, and research have concluded that people who stood longer had the risk for heart disease reduced by half. Prolonged sitting increases the risk of heart diseases by a shocking 147%. The adverse effects are so intense that an hour of exercise may not be able to counter it. There can be no doubt, whatsoever, that standing is better for the heart.

4. Standing Minimizes Backaches

The most common complaint or distress of office workers in Australia is that they face crippling back pain due to sitting all day. The research tried to find if standing could reverse the situation, and it did. Participants claimed a drastic improvement in back pain after employing on standing desks for weeks.


There are reasons aplenty as to why one should seriously commit to moving around more and start using standing desks. In Australia, studies found that sitting causes 7% of deaths yearly among men aged 45 and above. Another study by the CDC found that standing desks reduce neck and back pain by 54%. Such findings prove that standing significantly minimises chronic back aches influenced by prolonged sitting. And considering the vastness of business in the country, standing desks in Australia is sure to improve the overall health of scores of employees.

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