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Why you should use a DNA testing kit to help determine paternity for your child

by Bryn Fest

Figure out the paternity of your child by using a foolproof method in the comfort of your own home to give you peace of mind, child support, and help to raise your child!

The benefits of using a DNA testing kit

If you’re concerned about using a DNA testing kit to determine the paternity of your child, don’t be – this test is usually extremely accurate and can provide you and your child with peace of mind regarding the father! If you want your child to grow up with a father figure in their life, it can be helpful to establish paternity while they are still young this way, you can avoid having to answer any questions later in life or deal with your child being resentful towards you for never looking into who their father is.

Not to mention, it can offer you potential child support and legal help if you find out more info that you can ask for money and support from your child’s father. This way, you can establish good parental relationships that focus on your child and ensure they grow up in a loving atmosphere with two parents who are co-parenting to the best of their abilities.

Easy to use

One of the main benefits of using a DNA testing kit is that it is very simple and affordable for everyone to use! If you are simply using a DNA testing kit for peace of mind and for recognition of who the father of your child is, you can do this test from the comfort of your own home. It is very simple to figure out, as there will be provided directions that show you how to do the steps and in what order. All you need is to purchase a kit – which is usually around $30 – and then send the test off for analysis – which usually costs around $100-$150 depending on the location.

Since the DNA testing kit is easy to use, you can be finished with the entire process in just about 5 minutes! All you have to do is use the provided buccal swab to gather cells on the inside of your cheek. You just insert the swab for a few seconds and then insert the swab into the vial to be sent to the lab for testing.

The lab will give a result that is around 99% accurate- ensuring that you will have peace of mind that the father of your child is shown on the genetic markers! This way you can avoid going to an expensive in-person location and you can do this from the comfort of your house. It is easy and simple for everyone to use as long as they follow the provided step-by-step directions.

Help with child support

One of the main benefits of establishing paternity using a DNA testing kit is so you can establish paternity to help with child support. Child support is typically in terms of monthly payments that will help you with the cost associated with taking care of raising your child. If you find that you’re spending thousands of dollars on daycare, clothing, food, and transportation for your child to have a happy and healthy life, it is completely normal – and needed – to ask for child support from your child’s father.

Father figure in their life

The second reason you should use a DNA testing kit to establish paternity is that your child can have it later in their life. Although many kids grow up without a father, or without their genetic father, it can help to have a biological father help in the raising of your child. This way, you can have them bond and develop a relationship that can be long-lasting and beneficial for their life.

Accuracy to know for your peace of mind

The best thing about using a DNA kit to establish paternity is that the DNA testing kits are very accurate! And there are ways to use – all you have to do is use a buccal swab on the inside of your cheek to collect skin cells to determine the genetic markers of the parents. You can do this for your child and then send it in via mail to a lab that can establish paternity. By using a painless and quick method that is up to 99% accurate, you can avoid any questions or lingering concerns that can make you stressed out or question the identity of the father.


Instead of wondering who the father of your child is for the rest of your life, you can use a DNA testing kit that provides an easy-to-use and 99% accurate testing method to establish paternity! Not only will it provide you peace of mind, but it can give you child support and father figure support throughout your child’s life.

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