Yggdrasil Slots: Common themes in their online games

Yggdrasil Slots: Common themes in their online games

by Bryn Fest

Yggdrasil is a name that should be familiar to keen slot players – play Ocean Fortune. Although they are not yet among the very elite of slot developers, Yggdrasil have managed to create a respectable output that players have started to take notice of.


Yggdrasil is a growing and popular online slot developer. Yggdrasil gaming originated back in 2012 but it was in 2013, when they released their very first online casino, that online slot players first took notice of the developer. The name comes from ancient Norse mythology, the Yggdrasil tree was said to stretch across all nine realms. Yggdrasil slot games are known for having amazingly unique themes which feature state of the art graphics and animations for players to enjoy. The RTP of Yggdrasil slots is also something which players have taken notice of, with 40 slots having a high RTP. Although Yggdrasil doesn’t have the same output as other long running slot developers, they are expanding the amount of titles they have with each passing year.

Most Common Themes

Yggdrasil may be a relatively new developer but they have managed to amass a respectable output of games in the short time they have been around. There are a few common themes that players can find in their games.

Innovation – The most common theme that can be found in most Yggdrasil slot games is innovation. This innovation comes in many forms, the gameplay mechanics they offer and the state of the art graphics they use. Yggdrasil tries to make their slots stand out, they use amazing gameplay mechanics to help them do just that.

Unique themes – Yggdrasil slots all explore unique themes. Whilst they cover all the standard themes such as action, adventure, sports and mythology, they do try to approach these themes from a unique angle.

Norse mythology – As the name suggests, Yggdrasil has a particular affinity for Norse mythology. They often draw from ancient Norse mythology in their slots, incorporating iconography into their games.

Top Online Slots

Yggdrasil has an incredibly respectable output of games, despite being a newer developer. Although it would be impossible to mention all of their games here, it is possible to list some of their very best online slot releases.

  1. Jungle Books is a slot which takes inspiration from the classic Disney film. The graphics and animation of the slot are amazing, they really help to immerse the player in the game. There are also enjoyable bonus features such as wilds and multipliers.
  2. Double Dragons is a slot game with a mysterious yet epic atmosphere. It is fantastic to look at, with an engrossing soundtrack which only adds to the game’s appeal. The slot is also filled with bonus features, there are wilds, free spins and multipliers which can all help a player to land a massive win.


Yggdrasil are definitely not as well known as other developers, they have not been around long enough to amass the same output as other long runners. However, in the short time they have been around they have created an incredible respectable list of titles.

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