Your Guide to London Will Writing Online

Your Guide to London Will Writing Online

by Manish Singh

People have always had the mindset that only rich people need a will. They think that just because they do not have so much money and other worldly possessions to pass on to their children, this legal document is no longer necessary. If you think the same, let me tell you this: there is so much more about will writing than you think there is. Depending on your situation, you might need it more than anyone else.

What is a will?

A last will and testament, or simply known as a will, is a legal document that contains a person’s wishes on how he or she wants her properties and other assets to be distributed and managed once he or she dies. Additionally, if the person has minor children, he or she can also indicate in the will who is their designated legal guardian.

What are the types of will?

There are three common types of will:

  • Single Will – It is a type of will that pertains to the wishes of an individual. The individual does not necessarily have to be single to acquire a single will.
  • Mirror Will – It is two sets of identical documents often chosen by couples. It indicates that if one of them passes first, the other will inherit the estate.
  • Living Will – It states the demands or specifications of one person about the medical treatments he or she wishes or does not wish to receive. A living will is also known as advance directives.

Why is a will necessary?

Contrary to popular belief, not only wealthy people should be obligated to write their wills. Even those who are in the lower social status are advised to draft a last will document. Naturally, you want your properties to be inherited by your loved ones, or you have a specific person in mind to have it. Without a will, you can not ensure that these people will get it as the laws are at work. However, if your wishes are written in your will, this single document overrides the laws. And ultimately, the will has to be followed.

Who can help me make my will?

Lawyers are the primary people you can turn to to help you in drafting your will. However, it is not necessary to hire one, especially for people who cannot afford it. There are other professionals that can assist you and provide relevant advice on how you should write the content of your document. There are consultants and solicitors who are as qualified as attorneys when advising on how to write a will. Their services often come with your application to write a will online.

How can I make a will online?

There are several service providers that solely cater to people who want to create a DIY will. They provide the templates as well as assign you a solicitor that can help you throughout the process. Rates for these services are affordable and cost-efficient — not to mention that the entire process is convenient and accessible to anyone. All you need to do is find the best firm that provides online will writing services.

If you are from the UK and want to write your will online, check out Wills Trusts LPA London. They provide services the assist you in writing your last will and testament. They have reliable and qualified solicitors that can help you out. Their process is easy and quick.

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