8 Important Features of a Top-Quality Plagiarism Checker

by Manish Singh

Looking for the best plagiarism checker? Well, finding one can be quite difficult for you if you do not read this post. There are hundreds of plagiarism checking website tools and apps indexed on the search engine, but not all are reliable. This post will tell you about the most important features that you have to look for in a plagiarism checker instead of selecting one at random.

We have tested the majority of plagiarism checker tools for reliability and efficiency. We have listed the best important features that a tool should have. We have also given details of a plagiarism checker tool having all these features at the end of this post!

Important features to look for in a plagiarism checker

Suppose you are wondering how to choose a reliable plagiarism checker. In that case, you need to find the below-mentioned traits in a tool.


Security is a very important feature that one has to look for while using an online tool. Most of the online tools are not safe to use. Suppose you check plagiarism with a tool having no security certificate. In that case, you are simply risking a lot on your plate. Unsecure website tools can easily lose your content to the search engine and hackers so you should always look for a plagiarism checker having a secure interface!

Integrations with multiple sources

A plagiarism checker tool should have integrations with multiple sources on the web and private repositories. Majority of plagiarism checker tools on the web are the ones that only have integrations with a single search engine, and they can only compare your content with the websites that are indexed on that search engine. You have to look for a plagiarism checker tool with integrations with most search engines on the web and the content indexed with them.

Multiple format support

This is also an important trait of a good plagiarism checker tool. A tool should be capable of checking files that are in multiple formats instead of relying on one. It would be great if you always looked for a tool that can cater to all sorts of textual formats as input, including word, pdf, text, etc. Having this feature can easily simplify the process of checking for the tool and the user.

Multiple language support

A good plagiarism checker tool should be capable of understanding English language input and all other languages. This is a very important trait of a plagiarism checker. The more languages the tool understands, the larger would be its approach across the globe.

Artificial intelligence

Today it is very important that AI powers a tool. This is because today, there is more than one type of plagiarism that you have to save yourself from. Majority of plagiarism checker tools on the web are the ones that can only screen out deliberate plagiarism. A tool which is powered by AI is the one that can help you detect even the smallest traces of duplications may they be unintentional. You can also find out wrong citations and references with a tool having this smart feature!

Comprehensive Plagiarism reports

A reliable plagiarism checker must have the ability to generate a comprehensive report soon after it has analyzed your content. A plagiarism checker tool should tell you about the exact percentage of duplication and the percentage of originality in the content. It should also be capable of telling you about the exact sources that match your content.

Downloading and sharing reports

A reliable and efficient plagiarism checker tool should also have this feature. A tool which lets you download and share the plagiarism reports is the one that you can trust to the fullest. We want you to know that only a few tools would let you download their reports and you should always hunt the one that does. If the tool lets you download the report, then it means that it has screened your content completely with accuracy!

Free checking feature

A plagiarism checker should also provide at least a few free checks so that you can know about its working and trust it with your money. You must know that not all free tools are bad, and not all paid tools are reliable, so it is up to you to be careful in your selection.

You can try using plagiarismchecker.co website. This plagiarism checker website is a relatively new service but has all the features mentioned above. Furthermore, this plagiarism checker is very easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert to run this software program. You have to register your account with this plagiarism checker website to get its free services. Some of the highlights of this plagiarism checker are:

  • Multiple users log in
  • Affordable packages
  • Batch search support
  • Ad-free interface
  • Detailed reports
  • Free trial


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