The best board games on the market

The best board games on the market

by Manish Singh

The board game industry is on the up. Recent statistics show that the board game market has grown exponentially over the last few years. Given the amount of choice available, it can be difficult to make the best decision about what games work best for you. Let this handy guide go through some of the best board games on the market right now.

Strategy games

Strategy games involve planning, resource management, and tactical play. These are the top strategy board games on the market right now.

1) Twilight Struggle – 1-2 players, 10 minutes to learn.

Twilight Struggle is a game based on the Cold War. One player takes control of the USA while another controls USSR. This game is extremely simple; roll two dice for each turn and use them along with cards in your hand to perform certain actions (which include ‘space race’, ‘proxy wars’ etc.). Each card has an event date printed on it; this means that knowing what comes up when becomes very important indeed. With no random draws or bad luck at any stage, this game achieves excellence through its sheer depth and balanced gameplay.

2) ‘Ticket to Ride’ – 2-4 players, 30 minutes to learn.

This is a railway expansion game in which you aim to create a rail network across America by connecting cities on your ever-increasing map. During the process of doing so, you have to collect cards with the same colors as the routes you want to take and allocate them correctly. This can lead to great rewards but careless mistakes will lead to failure! This game gives players an interesting experience every time they play thanks both to its strategic element and incredibly high re-playability.

Cooperative games

Cooperative games are those that involve working together to achieve a common goal. These cooperative board games provide players with an experience where everyone can win or lose together!

1) ‘Pandemic’ – 2-4 players 45 minutes to learn.

The game of saving the world one disease at a time … Each player takes control of different specialists who all have their own field of expertise (including curing diseases, preventing outbreaks, and treating illnesses). Players must use all these skills in unison to complete tasks (such as traveling across the world looking for cures) before they run out of time. Unusual elements like event cards make this game incredibly unpredictable.

2) ‘Arkham Horror: The Card Game’ – 1-4 players, 60 minutes to learn.

In this cooperative card game set in the fictional city of Arkham, you and your friends will be fighting off monsters from the Cthulhu mythos as well as trying to solve enigmas that arise from them. In order to do this, you must cooperate with each other and work out how best to use two decks at once (which contain not only cards for playing but also clues). Challenging decisions about which card effects are needed most make this a very tense, exciting experience.

Card games

Card games will always be some of the biggest sellers out there. After all, card games have always been popular at venues like casinos, especially if they offer a free spins no deposit system. It’s no surprise that board game developers have taken this love of card games and helped bring it into our homes.

Card games are often lighter board games that can be played within an hour or so. These types of games are great for playing with people who don’t have a lot of time to sit down and learn complex rules!

1) ‘Lanterns: The Harvest Festival’ – 2-4 players, 20 minutes to learn.

This game is based around collecting cards in order to form patterns (like ‘row of 5’), which then provide points at the end of each round. During play you will be using tokens in your hands to modify both the value and number required for each pattern, making it much harder than your first impression might suggest. This game provides good opportunities for strategy through player interaction (for example, timing how long it takes for another player to form a pattern).

2) ‘Splendor’ – 2-4 players, 30 minutes to learn.

This game of chips has you collecting gems that are used as currency in order to buy different cards that provide discounts or points (which can be used to purchase more expensive cards etc.). This game is very fast played with little downtime and allows players lots of freedom in their strategy. Some people consider this game too light, but its simplicity makes it perfect for new gamers; making it great for introducing friends and family to board games.

Quiz games

Quiz games provide a fun, competitive experience to keep you entertained. These board games are great for playing with a large group of people and can be especially useful when there’s a lull in the conversation!

1) ‘Disney Guess Who?’ – 2 players or teams, 20 minutes to learn.

This Disney-themed take on the classic ‘Guess Who’ has been made slightly easier thanks to all the characters having their own unique attributes (so your clue words will focus more on physical features). In order to win, you must try and eliminate as many cards from play as possible by asking questions about each other’s cards – who will have the best memory?

2) ‘Taboo’ – 4+ players, 20 minutes to learn.

Taboo is a game of communication and quick thinking, where you try to guess the word on your card by writing clues that are not allowed to contain certain ‘taboo’ words. If you’re team successfully guesses what’s on your teammate’s cards then you get to keep them, but if they fail to guess correctly then those cards go to your opponents. This board game is great for teaching good language skills as well as helping adults improve their memory or creative storytelling.

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