Mini dress fashion became terrifying in to Halloween - Scary collections:

by Bryn Fest

Are you preparing to celebrate Halloween this year? Leave aside the typical costumes, on, you can find the most stylish and diabolical garments for the longest and darkest night of the year. Checkout our amazing tie front mini dress collection for the upcoming season. Discover the look with which to raze in the trick or treat.

Halloween has been for years one more party and an essential date in our country imported, how could it be otherwise, from the USA? And it is that seeing how international celebrities take it so seriously as the choice of their costume is always the most anticipated.

The queen of reality shows Kim Kardashian and the singer Katy Perry have been one of the reasons why Halloween night has been so successful in the USA.

Beyond the usual repetitive costumes witch, pumpkin, skeleton, and Dracula, this year fashion has opted to give a 360º turn to the darkest looks with collections that have nothing to do with them.

And all so you can enjoy the terrifying night par excellence with more style than ever. Unisex clothing (mostly sweatshirts and t-shirts) and breathtaking accessories pay homage to some of the characters from legendary horror films. From the girls from The Shining, the evil IT clown to the Chucky doll.

Sexy Halloween by Solado going in disguise and looking like an eyesore doesn’t go with them. Skeleton-fitted knit dresses, see-through lace bodysuits, black unicorn headbands, and even a tie front mini dress. You will be terrifyingly sexy and feminine.


Skeleton Sheer Bodysuit:

With more than 100 products including clothing and accessories, Solado turns you into a mischievous little devil with crop tops printed with blood, bites in the neckline area in dresses, or stockings with drawings and transparencies. Or if you prefer, in an authentic dress with flower headbands and tight jumpsuits. All very cool.

Solado and our love for pumpkins Orange and black are the main colors where, how could it be otherwise, the pumpkin reigns everywhere in countless garments: sweatshirts, dresses, t-shirts… Getting one of them is synonymous with not meeting anyone at any Halloween party.

5 sexy dresses to tease on Halloween:

Halloween night is just around the corner and every year, it is an increasing fantasy to go dressed as the walking dead on the street. But you know what? We are tired of dressing up on Halloween and having to end up “partying in a graveyard” or flirting on dating apps.

This year, we have it clear, we choose a sexy dress and we will provoke during the most terrifying night of the year. Of course, instead of causing scares, we will make our looks the envy of the entire club or event that we go to.

Do you have a plan for October 31? If you don’t have it, write to your friend and she starts organizing because you’re late. But, if you are one of those people who already have the plan prepared. We have the perfect look for you if you want to be sexy and provoke a night of fear.

1. Sleeveless midi dress with cut-out neckline:

It is a simple black tulle dress that you can combine with your high boots above the knee and with which you will have the perfect touch of elegance to shine on Halloween night.

With this design, you will not be cold. An asymmetrical dress mini with long sleeves and a V-neckline where the cut-out is the protagonist in tone throughout the upper body. In addition, you will wear a very flattering neckline with this piece.

2. Parachute pants, the most current trend of autumn:

Trends. What are Parachute pants? This fall they are going to be more viral than cargo and at Solado, we are clear about it. We have decided that this year, we will give the provocation and the ”trick or treat” with the best of our looks, a true statement of terror that will provoke even the most rebellious costume. We have prepared a selection of dresses with which you will not be scared, but you will be able to provoke the occasional fuss.

3. Sleeveless midi dress with cut-out neckline:

Sexy, daring, and comfortable, this is the dress that you can wear all night with flat military boots and be comfortable. In addition, it’s lateral opening in the leg can cause some other scare during the night to whoever wants to look.

4. Dragon mesh dress:

This mesh dress is the most provocative thing you can wear this Halloween, made up of rhinestone mesh that fuses fashion and fire. An ideal piece to wear as an overdress.

5. Lace mini dress with contrast lingerie:

Knit bodycon mini dress is a corset dress with which you can be the queen of sensuality on the most terrifying night of the year and is made up of a corset base in black and ocher colors and a tight black tulle skirt.

Take note and sign them because you will not regret spending October 31 with these dresses.

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