How To Enhance Perseverance In Students Attending Online Classes?

How To Enhance Perseverance In Students Attending Online Classes?

by Manish Singh

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.”

-Walter Elliot

Perseverance, or the skill of working towards attaining the goal despite encountering several hardships, is a crucial attribute that students need to master. The current era of online teaching can help the students develop perseverance as most of them are not born with this skill. Perseverance is a great trait that can be acquired if online schools take the responsibility of imbibing this into the students’ personalities.

Surprisingly, even the most sincere and dedicated students grapple with the problem of lack of perseverance. Although developing persistence indeed depends upon one’s willpower, online classes can help them acquire this golden skill to a great extent. By using the mode to teach online, teachers can help the students become all the more determined to reach the peak of success.

Tips To Develop Perseverance In Students Through Online Classes

Tip #1: Presenting Mistakes & Failures Of The Students As Stepping Stones To Attain Growth

Students have this habit of getting disappointed soon after encountering failures or making mistakes. They get demotivated and stop putting in the required effort in their pursuits. They start losing confidence in themselves and stop working hard. Experiencing failures is just a step towards enjoying the taste of success. When students face failure in life, teachers motivate and encourage them not to get disheartened. After all, failure aids in fuelling the intelligence as well as the energy of the students. Teachers may conduct special encouraging sessions or webinars wherein they can cast mistakes and failures in the mold of growth enhancement. They need to realize where they are making mistakes and then attempt to correct those faults. Only then will they be able to attain perseverance.

Tip #2: Providing Your Students With The Scope To Struggle

Teachers often tend to step in to solve the students’ problems and don’t give them the time to think critically. It is an instinct of the teachers to jump in to help the students sort out a problem in the online classes. But, that is not the right thing to do. Make your students develop perseverance by letting them struggle with the problem for some time and then giving them time to figure out things by themselves. In this way, the students will grow further tenacious and resilient. Teachers can intervene only if they observe that the students cannot make anything out of struggling for long. You can guide them at each step of their journey while conducting online classes. But, just as emphasized before, make them try to come out of their problems, by themselves. In this way, they will better understand the importance of patience, the ability to move ahead with unabated energy, and the power to face any shortcomings or obstacles in life.

Tip #3: Promoting Positivity & Motivating Talks

In the course of online teaching, teachers can boost the morale of the students by reiterating to them the importance of maintaining a positive look and getting out of their negative state of mind. Teachers need to help purge out the phrases such as “I can’t do this,” “It’s not possible” from the students’ minds so that they can continue putting in effort and start working hard till they see the end of it.

Instill into them the art of mindfulness as this will help them get rid of their self-doubts and achieve greater control over themselves. Once they learn the importance of staying calm and putting relentless effort with a mindset of never attaining defeat, they will become more persevere in their attitudes. After all, patience, positivity, and determination pave the path for perseverance.

Wrapping Up….

Teachers, while teaching via an online education app, can help the students grow perseverance in them to attain great heights of success. The indomitable will to never bow down to hurdles and gaining the determination to overcome all these to see through the end of everything is what perseverance is all about. Helping the students acquire perseverance is indeed going to be the most essential act of a teacher. Online sessions and training meets can also be conducted to help young minds learn the art of persevering.

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