What is the quickest way to register for net banking?

What is the quickest way to register for net banking?

by Bryn Fest

Bank mobile apps and net banking are revolutionary measures taken by the banking industry. Any activity like cash withdrawal, passbook printing, cheque book application, demand draft preparation, etc., can be done easily using net banking or a bank mobile app. Nowadays, net banking is secured with OTP (one-time password) and your debit card details to protect your money in your savings account. Read on to know the various internet banking services offered by banks and how to register for the same through the online mode.

What are the different internet banking services available to you?

Depositing money from one bank account to another, making bill payments, opening accounts, placing loan applications, withdrawing funds, current account opening, etc., required you to visit the bank branch and stand in long queues to get the task done. However, what was time-consuming and tedious once can now be managed with just a few clicks on your mobile banking app or through net banking. Financial transactions and banking have transformed for the better with the introduction of digitisation and internet banking. Internet banking has made the banking process way simpler today.

At IDFC FIRST Bank, you can make the most out of all such banking services without the need to move out of your home with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Whether it is checking your savings account balance, availing a loan of your preference, opening a fixed deposit account or recurring deposit account, or making deposits in your savings account from your other bank account – all such activities can be done instantly through IDFC FIRST Bank’s net banking facility.

How can you access your IDFC FIRST Bank account via net banking?

To get hold of your IDFC FIRST Bank account through net banking, you must create a user ID of 6-10 characters. Note that this must be alphanumeric. For opening your net banking account with IDFC FIRST Bank, you must choose a user ID, which is easy to remember yet unique. Your IDFC FIRST Bank net banking passcode must be anywhere between 6 – 15 characters. To create your IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking password, you must use a combination of alphabets, characters, and numbers.

How can you register for the IDFC FIRST Bank net banking facility?

You don’t need to visit the bank physically to create your net banking account. You can simply do this from the comfort of your home using your smartphone or desktop.

The stepwise approach to register for the IDFC FIRST Bank net banking facility is as follows –

       Visit the official website of IDFC FIRST Bank and click on the login option.

       Click on the create username option.

       Input your customer ID and mobile number and hit on the submit button.

       Input your account number, loan account number, or debit card number.

       Input the OTP that you received on your mobile number.

       Create your username and your net banking password. Once done, click on the submit button.

Note that IDFC FIRST Bank will never ask you to provide any sensitive details like your username or password in any form of communication whether through call or in person. Ensure not to reveal such information if probed.