Best Web Hosting Provider in 2020

by Manish Singh

Nowadays, everyone wants to bring their business online. An online store can increase customers and sales, so if you’re going to bring yourself online, you will need a responsive website and a good web hosting. Usually, people make a beautiful website, but they make a mistake in selecting web hosting. And after purchasing web hosting, they face several problems, like slow webpage loading and insufficient space. If you don’t want to face regret after purchasing web hosting, then definitely read our blog, the best web hosting provider in 2020.

We have used each web hosting in our organization, and some of them are taken from the internet and categorized based on price and services. So let’s see the best web hosting providers in the world.

Top 6 Web Hosting Providers In 2020

Web hosting is a platform where we can store our website and avail to everyone on the world wide web. It’s similar to our local computer as our local network has HDD for storage and ram and processors for speed and better performance. Similarly, web hosting exists HDD and SSD, processors, and many more for better performance. So let’s see the top 10 web hosting providers in 2020.

1 A2 Hosting

A2 web hosting provider uses NVMe SSD for data storage that increases your website loading speed. A2 Hosting uses several processor cores, and that decreases the chance of website bounce rate. The bounce rate usually increases because of slow website loading, and if you have high processor cores and SSD’s combination, then the bounce rate will decrease automatically. Besides, they are providing free site migration, SSL certificate, and unlimited SSD spaces.

What Benefit You will Get

  • In any situation, if you feel A2 Hosting service is not excellent, then you can refund your money within 24 hours
  • They provide 99.99% Uptime speed
  • Unlimited customer support service
  • The basic plan starts in just 224 rupees

Note: wordpress hosting available in just 224 rupees with 100gb storage for one website.

2 SiteGround

Site ground comes with a free website builder; if you have trouble selecting the best Webhosting provide in 2020, you can go with SiteGround because they provide web hosting in just $6.99/ month with free wordpress site builder. Also, you can easily migrate your website with free wordpress migration tools. It uses high-speed SSD for data storage and synchronizations. Even top-notch website security system with free SSL certificate. If you want to use its advanced versions, then you have to pay $ 14.99/ month, where you will get benefits of unlimited website hosting facility with 40 Gb web storage service.

What Benefits Will You Get

  • 24*7 customer support service for your each web hosting plans
  • The capability of minimum 10000 site visitor every day
  • Free SSL CDN and Email services with 30 days money-back guarantee.

3 BlueHost

Blue host is one of the popular web hosting providers in the nation that provides a free domain name for new customers for 1st year. Also, they run several offers in which you can get a discount on your Webhosting purchase. It uses very high security for your website login and data storage. And if you face any hosting web errors, you can take online chat support service at any time. Like other hosting providers, it also provides shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting in which you will get different features and services.

What benefits you will get

  • Affordable price minimum $2.95/ month with
  • SSD and several processor cores and a ram for the speed boost
  • Money-back guarantee within a month

4 DreamHost

Dream host well known for its simple user interface of C-pannel. Their c-panel is very simple and easy to use. And as we have told you, the primary factor is price and site performance; then, you can have it in just $10 per month with SSD storage technology. That makes your website faster than earlier. In $10, you will get one website and 30 GB storage space with a free SSL and CDN certificate and unlimited email service for your domain. However, you will not get live chat support 24 hours because they provide live chat support only in working hours.

5 HostGator

Hostgator is very popular in the USA and India because they provide reliable hosting service with the 1-year free domain name. Currently, you will get a single domain with hosting in just $2.68/month. Hostgator doesn’t stop here; they also provide free SSL and CDN certificate. There are two more discounted plans available in just $3.83 with unlimited domain hosting in a one-click installation facility and $5.76/month.

So, according to its popularity, it’s top-ranked hosting provider, but there customer support number is always busy, if you try to call them then they will put your call hold for several minutes. Hence according to us, Hostgator is beneficial for those who can take customer support services over voice chat and live chat support.

What Benefits will you get

  • Free website builder for every plan
  • The simple user interface of user C-Panel
  • You will get unlimited email address creation features.
  • Live technical support via a separate token facility.
  • And last you can take money back within 45 days of web hosting purchase.

6 HosInger

Hostinger is a top hosting provider Pvt ltd company that founded in 2004. Since then, it has changed several things to become top in hosting service providers’ competitive market. And now you can check there are 29 million users available with satisfaction according to Wikipedia. You can take their basic plan in just $0.99/ month with one domain, one email, a free SSL certificate, and many more. So if you want to host your WordPress or business website avail to others, then use Hostinger because you will get several benefits.

Benefits will You Get

  • Unlimited email service for every plan and free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited live and phone call support service
  • Free website builder for first time user
  • 99.99 % uptime speed for your website loading
  • Money-back guarantee within a month


We have given the top 6 web hosting providers come to your budget and fulfilling your requirements. And most of them provide unexpected services as A2 hosting provides review an NVMe SSD storage facility that boosts your website loading and decreases website bounce rate. So your website ranking can quickly increase on Google, being, and any other search engines. Overall A2 hosting service provider is best for small and mid-size business sites and bloggers because, in 224 Indian rupees, you will get SSD storage and free migration support service.

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