Dropshipping training - Honest Review of Project Pioneer

Dropshipping training – Honest Review of Project Pioneer

by Bryn Fest

Despite the popularity of ecommerce, creating a profitable online store is hard. You’ve got to handle product sourcing and quality control before you even worry about how you’re going to actually sell it.

That’s where Project Pioneer comes in – it promises to give you a shortcut to setting up a full-featured online dropshipping store without any coding skills or ecommerce experience.

In this honest Project Pioneer review, I’m going to walk you through what this program is about and how it works.

I’ll share with you my thoughts and opinions on whether the Project Pioneer course is the next best thing in dropshipping or a con artist’s plot to take your money. Let’s dive right in!

What exactly is in the Project Pioneer course?

Project Pioneer is an online video course, made up of over 75 videos, that will take you step by step through the process of starting your own profitable dropshipping store.

The course is laid out into 8 modules and a bonus section, each with their own set of lessons. You’ll have lifetime access to the course so you can go at your own pace and re-watch videos whenever you want.

What you’ll get:

-The exact tools Connor (Project Pioneer’s founder and instructor) uses to develop and run his business, including the software he uses for sourcing products, managing his inventory, and more.

-How to build a business from scratch using dropshipping (or by adding dropshipping to an existing e-commerce store)

-The exact steps you’ll take to create a brand and build a website that converts

-Why Connor chose Shopify as his platform of choice, why he recommends it for beginners, and how you can use it to generate huge profits

-How to find the best suppliers at wholesale prices (without wasting hours on Google)

-Free templates for creating your own marketing in minutes

And more!

You’ll also discover the exact resources Connor used to launch his own ecommerce store, including the tools and strategies that helped him make $400,000k a month with his dropshipping business.

What you’ll learn:

We could say this 8-week course is broken down into three sections:

The first section comprises the first three weeks of the Project Pioneer program. It includes an intensive, step-by-step guide to building the foundation of your business.

Throughout another three weeks, the second section includes all the tools you will need to succeed as an ecommerce entrepreneur. This includes a comprehensive list of resources and tools that Connor has used repeatedly to help him build his dropshipping stores, tips on how to nail Project Pioneer’s method for finding hot-selling products, and how to scale your store.

The third section (and last three weeks) is for anyone looking for additional resources, inspiration, and motivation. This section will help you stay on track and keep moving forward with your online store.

What I really liked about Project Pioneer is…

Easy to use

The best thing about Project Pioneer is that it’s not just theory. You’re not just learning how to do dropshipping, you’re actually going through the entire process of setting up your own store.

Everything is broken down into easy to understand lessons. Video, audio and text lessons are provided to guide you through the process of setting up your dropshipping store. You are also able to ask any questions you may have directly through their Facebook group.

Shows you how to find products for dropshipping

This was one of the most important parts for me. I knew nothing about finding products or picking out a niche that was going to be easy for me to make money in.

Project Pioneer walks you through every step of finding a product from researching, to testing your product idea by doing market research, creating a prototype and finally launching your store all while showing you how much profit you can expect after each step of the way.

What I didn’t like about it was…

There’s very little I didn’t like about this course. It did take me some time to finish going through all the modules. Some modules were shorter than others and some had more steps than others.

Project Pioneer Verdict: Scam or legit?

Connor Shelefontiuk has done a great job in making this Project Pioneer program.

He is a serious entrepreneur and knows his stuff. Everything that he teaches you is tried and tested.

I have no doubt that you will be successful if you follow the instructions he gives you. His methods are simple, clear cut and easy to understand, so there are no secrets here which can make things more complicated than they need to be.

Project Pioneer is a legit program that focuses on building your own dropshipping store using proven methods that have been used by Connor for years now.

In short, the course is honestly the real deal; designed for those who find themselves lacking direction regarding dropshipping, or just starting out in this field.

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