Eight Recommendations To Help You With Your Insomnia

by Manish Singh

Everyone has experienced a sleepless night from time to time. However, for some people, said events occur frequently. Such circumstances might indicate the presence of a potentially serious medical condition called insomnia.

If not not promptly and adequately addressed, insomnia could precipitate significant physical and mental health concerns. Fortunately, stricken subjects might find relief by incorporating or altering certain lifestyle habits.

Insomnia Overview

Medical professionals define long-term insomnia as the inability to fall or stay asleep routinely for periods lasting at least one month. Typically, however, insomniacs struggle with this issue for significantly longer stretches.


The malady could result from any number of biological or environmental causes. Some of the more common eliciting factors include stress, unusual work hours, unhealthy sleeping habits, consuming food or beverages well into the evening, or a host of underlying health problems.

However, insomnia might also result from other issues, such as excessive alcohol or caffeine intake, the ingestion of certain medications, and mental health concerns like anxiety or depression.

Additionally, aging subjects stand at greater risk. Older individuals require less sleep. Moreover, such subjects are often lighter sleepers meaning they are more easily distracted and awoken during slumber.

Furthermore, being of the female gender is also thought to heightens one’s chances. Females experience appreciable hormonal imbalances during menstrual cycles and the life stage known as menopause. Such chemical disruptions is said to precipitate bouts of sleeplessness.


In addition to experiencing difficulty drifting off to sleep and obtaining restful slumber, afflicted individuals might also encounter nighttime awakenings, rise excessively early, not feel well-rested upon waking up, be overly tired during the daytime hours, experience mood swings, encounter decreased cognitive faculties, and execute uncommon errors or become involved in work or traffic-related accidents.


Over time, insomnia can lead to slowed physical reactions or delayed reflexes, permanent declines in memory and concentration, and place impacted subjects at an elevated risk of developing mental health issues, high blood pressure, immune system disorders, and cardiovascular diseases.

Eight Potential Insomnia Remedies

When considering such worrisome facts, identifying possible insomnia remedies is paramount. Fortunately, early stage insomniacs might find a modicum of relief by employing corrective measures like:

Partaking In Relaxation Techniques

Researchers have found that relaxation exercises, such as mindful meditation, deep breathing activities, yoga, mantra repetition, and tai chi have proven effective in eliminating or lessening insomnia’s severity. These endeavors not only calm the body but also bring the mind tranquility.

Practicing More Optimal Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is defined as both an individual’s sleeping habits and the environment within which they slumber.

Obtaining solid sleep hygiene requires one to adhere to favorable habits, such as retiring the same time each evening, refraining from napping during daylight hours, not consuming significant quantities of food or beverages before bed, powering down mobile devices, and creating the most comfortable environment regarding temperature and light exposure.

Receiving Proper Nutrition

Those hoping to conquer insomnia are strongly urged to be mindful of their diet. Sleeplessness might be curtailed by consuming less sugar and more edibles known for possessing sleep-inducing properties.

Such items include tryptophan, which is an amino acid contained in fowl like turkey. Additionally, stricken subjects are encouraged to up their intake of Vitamin B6-laden foods, such as bananas, sunflower seeds, and wheat germ. This nutrient increases the body’s tryptophan synthesizing abilities.


Few activities increase one’s chances of beating insomnia more than physical activity. Exercise taxes the body. This stress requires the body to use the down time afforded by sleep to rest and repair.

Augmenting Diet With Nutritional Supplementation

Researchers have concluded that certain nutrients and chemicals hold strong sleep-inducing properties. The biggest culprits are magnesium and melatonin. Studies have shown that a magnesium deficiency can lead to troubled sleep and insomnia. To combat this, you may look into increasing your magnesium intake by taking magnesium supplements and or increasing your intake of magnesium-rich foods.

Investing In Massage Therapy

Scientific investigators have discovered that massage therapy may reduce insomnia incidents and associated symptoms. Manipulation of muscles stimulates blood flow, which can precipitate calmness and lessen untoward occurrences like physical discomfort, tension, and even depression.

Limiting Potentially Detrimental Vices

Individuals who smoke, drink alcohol, or intake excessive caffeine concentrations are encouraged to limit or even avoid said vices before bed. Nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine are rife with sleep-disrupting substances.

Participating In A Relaxing Activity Prior To Retiring

Occasionally, engaging in one’s preferred hobby of choice calms them enough to overcome insomnia’s throes. Specific actions will depend on the individual in question’s tastes. However, commonly employed endeavors include reading, crossword puzzles, games, or a favored television program.

When Should One Visit Their Doctor?

Should the preceding efforts fail, A Brisbane house call home doctor cautions afflicted insomniacs to consult with a medical professional. In such cases, the problem may be the result of an underlying medical problem. An expedient diagnosis and treatment plan could help alleviate or eliminate the associated bouts of insomnia and help stricken individuals avoid long-term complications.


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