How NetEnt’s Starburst changed the face of slot gambling?

How NetEnt’s Starburst changed the face of slot gambling?

by Bryn Fest

It’s no secret that NetEnt are one of the most innovative and cutting-edge slot developers out there. Their slots have been changing the slots industry for years, but if there was a single game that we would say had the biggest impact, it simply must be Starburst – also try The NHS Bingo Room.

Why is this, what’s so great about Starburst? We’re going to be exploring exactly that question and more, so read on to find out more! We will be looking at how NetEnt’s Starburst changed the fact of slot gambling forever, including discussion of:

– Prevalence of Free Spins

– Benefits of playing online

– Cutting-edge theme

Online Features

The area in which Starburst made the biggest impact was for online slots. The game was released in 2012, and whilst online slots had been around for many years prior to this, Starburst really came at a fantastic time. It was instantly NetEnt’s most popular slot, and the graphics and gameplay were next level at the time! Not only was the slot a great example of how online slots should be, but it set the standard for a ton of online features. The free spins were everywhere, and this has resulted in almost every online casino providing free spins for this game. We think it had a huge impact on the prevalence of free spins in 2021. Furthermore, the game shined in its online version by offering a better payout than was offered at land-based casinos, something that once again had a huge impact on the face of slot gambling.

Futuristic Theme

The other key way in which Starburst changed the face of the slot industry forever is the sheer amount of effort and time that NetEnt put into the game. Up to this point, online slots were not so attractive – sure, some of them had some great themes, but the graphics were 2D and the sounds and music were a bit dull. Starburst burst onto the scene in 2012 and it blew a lot of developers’ minds. The team truly went above and beyond for a variety of reasons, including:

– The graphics had a glitzy and glossy 3D feel

– The gameplay was fast, arcade-like and more engrossing than existing slots

– The music and sound effects were futuristic and satisfying

We’re pretty used to these features being found in our slots in 2021, but NetEnt were absolutely one of the first to take things to the next level. Everything from the graphics to the music was high-effort and overall provided a satisfying experience. Other slot developers noticed this and realized they needed to do the same to stay competitive – the rest is history!


Overall, NetEnt’s classic slot games Starburst changed the face of the slot gambling industry in several ways. However, it ultimately boils down to innovative and high-effort gameplay. In a world where slot games were beginning to get boring, NetEnt came in with a huge focus on online features, futuristic graphics and satisfying sound design. It truly raised the bar for the industry, and we couldn’t be happier!

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