How To Find A Qualified Forklift Dealer In Your Area

How To Find A Qualified Forklift Dealer In Your Area

by Manish Singh

If you need to purchase or lease a forklift, you must find a qualified dealer in your area. Not all dealers are created equal; some have more experience and knowledge about forklifts than others.

You’ll want to work with a dealer who can help you find the right forklift for your needs and provide quality service after the sale.

Here are a few tips on how to find a qualified forklift dealer in your area.

Popular Ways To Find A Qualified Forklift Dealer

These days, there are several different ways to find a qualified forklift dealer online. Social media websites like LinkedIn and Twitter can be great resources for connecting with potential suppliers.

You can also search for online forums and discussion groups focusing on the material handling industry. Word of mouth is always a valuable way to find reliable businesses, so don’t hesitate to ask your colleagues and acquaintances if they have any recommendations.

Searching Online Is The Easiest Route

Of course, buying one online is the easiest way to purchase a forklift. Several reputable dealers sell new and used forklifts through their websites so you can browse a wide selection of machines from the comfort of your home or office.

With some research, you’re sure to find the perfect forklift for your needs. A qualified forklift dealer should have a process before shipping it out to you.

Step 1 – Forklift Check-in

The first step is a forklift check-in. This is important for several reasons. First, it ensures that the forklift serial number matches the bill of sale. This is critical for warranty and service issues down the road. This way, the dealer can assess the forklift’s condition and ensure it’s up to your standards.

Step 2 – Added To Inventory

Next, the forklift is added to the inventory, and the forklift is officially added to the dealer’s website. This process ensures that the forklift is appropriately serviced and inspected and meets all safety and performance standards. In addition, adding a forklift to the inventory helps to create a paper trail that can be used for warranty purposes or in the event of a recall.

Step 3 – Inspection And Repairs

Then the forklift will be taken to the warehouse inventory team for inspection and repairs. This is a more thorough process than the initial inspection, and it helps to ensure that the forklift is in good working condition before it’s sold.

The warehouse inventory team will check for wear and tear, leaks, and damage. They’ll make the necessary repairs if they find any issues before putting the forklift up for sale. This helps protect the dealer and the buyer and ensures everyone is happy with the purchase.

Step 4 – Paint Job

A paint job is an important step in selling a forklift. This is because it helps to protect the forklift from rust and other forms of wear and tear. It also makes the forklift look more presentable, which can be important when selling it to potential customers.

A qualified forklift dealer will consider all these factors before selling a forklift to you. They will ensure that the forklift is in good condition and serviced adequately before painting it and putting it on the market. This ensures that you get a quality product that will last for years.

Step 5 – Customizations And Attachments

Then come customizations and attachments. Once the forklift has been sold, the dealer can add attachments that the customer requests. This helps to ensure that the forklift is adequately equipped for its new home.

Adding attachments specific to the customer’s needs allows the forklift to be used more effectively and efficiently. As a result, the customer will be more satisfied with their purchase.

Step 6 – Secondary Inspection And Check Off

This final inspection is critical, even though the forklift has already been inspected twice. The dealer checks that the forklift meets your needs and is safe to sell. This personal inspection will give you the peace of mind that you are getting a quality product customized to your needs.

Step 7 – Virtual Test Drive And Shipment

One final step before it is shipped out is the virtual test drive. Many qualified forklift dealers will offer this service to their customers, shooting video of the forklift in action so you can see that it’s running smoothly.

Once you receive the video and confirm that the forklift is up to your standards, it will be shipped to your location. And just like that, you’ll be the proud owner of a new forklift.

Finding A Qualified Forklift Dealer: In Closing

We hope this article helped give you a better understanding of the process of shipping a forklift. It’s important to research when looking for a qualified dealer, as they will be responsible for getting your forklift up and running. Thanks for reading.

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