Leveraging Logistics and Supply Chain Management to Improve Efficiency and Bottom Line

Leveraging Logistics and Supply Chain Management to Improve Efficiency and Bottom Line

by Bryn Fest

One of the biggest frustrations in the eCommerce industry in 2021 revolved around Amazon delivering packages later than expected.

This was unusual for the web’s largest marketplace, and when consumers have become so accustomed to fast delivery, they are increasingly becoming less and less forgiving.

So what does this mean for your business? It means that you have to improve your logistics and supply chain management process.

Here’s what you need to know:

Offer Many Transportation Solutions

The first step is to offer a variety of transportation solutions for your goods. You want to choose the best solution for each case. You’ll have to make fast decisions on whether it’s easier to send goods from Bangalore, India to Belgrade, Serbia via plane or ship, for instance.

As your budget grows, you want to offer expedited solutions as well. These can include car, truck, van, bicycle, and even on-foot deliveries.

In some jurisdictions, drone delivery is also growing and this is the route to offer superior logistics.

You can look into a service such as ITG Transport to assist you with this process.

Quality Control

One of the most overlooked methods to improve your logistics and supply chain management process is to improve quality control.

If a product is defective, a company might have to delay shipping by several weeks or even months.

Make sure you invest in your company’s quality control beforehand. You want to make sure that you never have to delay or recall a product that you’ve shipped out.

In the worst scenarios, your defective products can even cause issues with the transportation method! You want to make sure everything that’s hazardous gets packaged properly before you ship it out.

Improve Your Packaging

As we alluded to in the previous section, it’s crucial to package your products before shipping. Damaged goods will delay your shipping and this can cost your company thousands in lost revenue or even profits.

Make sure you always fit the goods in a box that fully encompasses them. There should be as little extra space as possible. You also want to use protective materials for your goods.

These can include styrofoam peanuts, extra paper wrapping, and bubble wrap. The more protective material you use the less likely you’ll have to recall your shipped goods.

You also want to fasten your box as firmly as possible. Use strong tape to hold the box together. Always use several layers to keep the box fastened tight at all times.

You have to also prepare for the box to get pushed around or even endure weather damage.

Improve Your Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Now you know how to improve your logistics and supply chain management process for your company.

You want to start by offering a variety of different transportation options for your company. Make sure you can predict which is the best option for short and long distances.

You want to also invest more time and money into your quality control process. You must also take extra precautions with your packaging before shipping your goods.

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