Want To Know About Bitcoin Mining? - Check Out this Crucial Term

Want To Know About Bitcoin Mining? – Check Out this Crucial Term

by Manish Singh

Bitcoin has created a situation of boom and bust in the market in recent times. The apparent reasons for its immense popularity is the features offered by this online version of cash. You might be wondering how bitcoins are generated. Bitcoin is an outcome or reward of a process called Mining. Bitcoin Mining is a complex process of confirming verified bitcoin transactions and processing them to the public distributed ledger or a blockchain.

The process of bitcoin generation sounds fascinating to millions of people, but there are some important terms related to bitcoin mining that every novice miner must be familiar with. To avail positive and profitable outcomes in this challenging process, it is mandatory to go through these terms. Here are some of the critical terms associated with the activity, so without wasting any further dues, let’s get started

Block Reward

A specific amount of bitcoin miners receive after mining a verified block in the given time is known as a block reward. Once the miners have solved the complex mathematical equation rendered by a specific block and process the verified transaction on blockchain in 10 minutes, the miners receive a particular number of bitcoin. Moreover, the miners are also rewarded with the transaction fees subjected to the transaction of Bitcoin.

The numbers of bitcoin miners receive after successfully mining a block is 6.25. At the earlier stages, the reward used to 25, but later bitcoin market capitalization dominated, and the process turned out more complicated.

Block Reward Halving

Block Reward Halving is a leap year process, which means it is conducted after every four years. The fundamental notion of block reward halving is to reduce the mining rewards to half amount. Bitcoin was invented in 2008, and the block reward for verified Mining in 2008 was 50 bitcoins. Block reward halving occurred in the year 2012 at the very instance, and the mining reward was reduced to 25

Block reward halving continued again in 2016, and the block reward was dropped down to 12.5. The current block reward halving process happened in 2020, and the block reward was reduced to the number of 6.25. Moreover, you can now estimate the actual date and time of the following block halving process by checking the facts of the previous halving process. There are tons of platforms that display a halving clock, and the clock renders the number of days and hours left for the following halving process.


An individual who integrates their computing resources and power source to transform the bitcoin network more efficient and fair and square is known as Miners. The passing decade has really crucial for the miners as now there are some specific requirements for the mining process. If the mining job sounds interesting to you, you need a mining rig, software, cheap power source and a bitcoin wallet in order to avail profitable outcomes in the activity.

ASIC Mining Rig

Earlier Mining was even possible with an ordinary personal computer, but the complications in the process kept booming constantly. Mining is now only possible with a specialized mining processor, having the most robust mining chipset. There are few specifically designed mining rigs that are potent to run hefty mining process and mining rig. ASIC is the only mining hardware having specific integrated circuit processors to solve complex mathematical equations.

ASIC mining rig is packed with a chipset having brimming efficiency in solving mathematical equation along with the assistance of the SHA-256 bitcoin algorithm. The only disadvantage of the ASIC processor is that it is a bit expensive, a basic ASIC rig expense nearby 1500 dollars.

Hash Rate

Hash rate is a specific factor that determines the solution of a mathematical equation rendered by an unmined block. Hash rate is the total number of mathematical equation performed by an efficient miner at a rate of one second. To avail fruitful outcomes in the mining process, miners need to produce the targeted hash of a block by solving the complex equations. Moreover, there are several trusted platforms like cannabis millionaire, which can help you in gathering in-depth knowledge about Bitcoin.

These are some of the essential terms related to bitcoin mining that can help you in starting your mining journey today.

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