4 Types of Organizing Styles To Declutter Your Space

4 Types of Organizing Styles To Declutter Your Space

by Manish Singh

We all have clutter in our house. Whether you’re an organizing freak and have immaculate-looking rooms, there is still that tendency to put a thing out of place. But how we handle it is what makes us different. People who tend to have more clutter, just have a different way of organizing things. Thus they look at disorganization differently. Finding what kind of organization system is akin to each of us will help us understand how we can efficiently organize our space, work well with people with different organizing styles, especially those who are very detailed. Without further ado below are the four types of Organizing styles people have.

The Butterfly

The first type is probably the most relatable one. The Butterfly is both a macro organizer and a visual organizer. They are the type that uses something and leave those stuff lying around. They don’t do these because they are messy, but because they perceive clutter differently. For them, it’s nice to have things lying around because it reminds them of their stuff and wants their belongings on display. They are macro organizers this means they would like to organize in big volumes and combine all the bedsheets in one basket or drawer with little thought of it. It reminds them they used these materials and the moment they store them, they will move on. They are not micro, so detail is not important. However, this is also how they accumulate clutter in the long run. Organizing materials like a mail organizer will help them give a proper space to easily store their stuff and make their stuff visible. If you’re the type that accumulates mail and leaves them everywhere, then you can check different mail organizers at Storables.com. They have a website that offers a wide range of organizing materials that will help each type of organizer in this article.

The Bee

Think of a bee’s home and you’ll immediately imagine wax and honey all meticulously collected in rows and columns. A person who is a bee type is a micro organizer. This means that every detail is important. They have a certain way of organizing things that can become very specific. Visualize labels and sticky notes all over their items. However, during the whole organizing process, when they can’t decide, they get stuck and tend to procrastinate. They can become over planners when it comes to organization. They also struggle with not being able to decide if they can’t seem to find the best way to organize something. With this, they need little containers, organization materials that separate and segregate the way they do. What’s good with a Bee organizing style is they will organize the hell out of a place. But they also want their stuff to be displayed at the same time organized.

The Lady Bug

The next type is a macro organizer. The ladybug is more concerned with the big picture. They want to keep the living room, kitchen counter, the kid’s room clean so if anything is messing around with the cleanliness, what they prefer is to get rid of it immediately. If this takes more time than they think they want to spend in organizing and cleaning, they go to the very simple solution of shoving them in somewhere out of sight. With this kind of organizing style, they will largely benefit from big containers and baskets which they can easily pull and store stuff in and immediately hide out of sight. For kitchen drawers, dividers can be helpful to put things in place despite the urge to shove them inside.

The Cricket

This organizing style is the most popularly advertised, and most of the organizing products have a cricket style. When a cricket works, they love to put their things on display. But once they have accomplished their work, they always move their belongings back to the proper place. They also like micro organizing, but unlike the Bee, they don’t want to display their stuff and prefer to keep them out of the way. Cricket loves to hide things in a micro organization, but when they’re working in the kitchen, they get the blender from the shelf, and once finished, they tuck it immediately away. They follow a clean as you go system. However, if something needs their attention, like paying the electricity bill, a cricket will display the paper on their refrigerator only to remind them of the task.

Once they are finished, they keep it neatly away.

In Conclusion

Being able to relate to one type, however, doesn’t mean you be another type of organizing bug. There is no one size fits all, even when it comes to organizing. You can be a Lady Bug at the same time as being a Bee type. What’s important is that you keep in mind how you likely organize and apply possible techniques to manage and go with your style. With the help of organizing tools and materials from a reliable website like Storeables.com, you will certainly find what you need to complement your cleaning style.

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