8 Essential Features of the Microsoft Teams Meeting Room

8 Essential Features of the Microsoft Teams Meeting Room

by Manish Singh

Communication and collaboration are at the core of every successful business. They enhance workplace relationships, helping employees achieve productivity goals. Many companies are starting to recognize their importance, investing more on tools that facilitate seamless communication. One that is worth mentioning is the Microsoft Teams meeting rooms.

Microsoft Teams rooms is the updated version of the wildly successful Skype Rooms Systems. If you are not yet using it for your business, you are missing out. It offers a lot of advanced features that enhance further the Teams meeting experience. Take a look below.

Proximity Detection

This feature allows you to detect a nearby Teams Room and invite it into any meeting. This is extremely helpful if you want to add more participants to a meeting. The Proximity feature uses Bluetooth technology and the “Bluetooth beckoning” feature built into the Microsoft Teams Room.

Content Only Mode

When Microsoft Teams joins a meeting from a desktop, it does so in content-only mode. This allows the room to provide its own audio and video which is vastly superior. It eliminates any echo or feedback generated from the rooms of the other participants.

One -Touch Join

With this feature, you could easily start the meeting from the centre of the Teams Meeting rooms with a single touch. There is no need to go through hoops just to get things started. All you need is the Rooms console and you are good to go.

Touchless Meeting Join

This feature allows people in a meeting room to join other Teams meeting rooms without having to touch the shared device display. They can share content and collaborate using their PC or mobile device.

Room Remote Experience

Using this feature, participants will be able to control their Teams Room and collaboration devices through the Teams mobile app. They can mute or unmute the room, adjust the audio level, turn the camera on or off, and leave the meeting using the app.

Wireless Casting

The Teams casting feature enables quick, ad hoc connections that do not need remote participation. Together with the previous features, it makes for a remote meeting platform that is easy to use. Teams Meeting Rooms can easily accommodate a small group up to a roomful of people, and all it takes it a single touch or no touch at all.

Microsoft Whiteboard    

With the Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams, participants from different locations can work simultaneously in the same canvas, bringing collaboration to a whole new level. People can share ideas and brainstorm together whether from a remote location or from the office. What is more, this can be saved easily and stored for future use.

Coordinated Meetings

The Teams meeting rooms focus on HD video, high fidelity audio, and seamless content sharing capabilities. It is integrated with other Microsoft apps and Office 365 for easy access to other functionalities.

During the meeting, participants can maximise the screen by using the front of the room display. This can show the participants in the meeting gallery. With the Surface Hub, content can be shared readily and whiteboard sessions can be initiated to facilitate collaboration.

All these features make Microsoft Teams Rooms an efficient platform for coordinating meetings. With the ongoing physical distancing protocols and safety measures in place, it is an important tool to help maintain business continuity and improve productivity.

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